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New Destiny 2 DLC Expansion Beyond Light (Update)

New Destiny 2 DLC Expansion Beyond Light Update

New Destiny 2 DLC Expansion Beyond Light Update

Update: The new Destiny two DLC expansion has formally been declared during the current Bungie show livestream! It’s indeed called Beyond Light, also can be outside September 22! Check out the preview below.

While Guardians may be excited for now given Bungie will announce that the new season (inadvertently leaked yesterday since”Season of Arrivals”), it appears Bungie has yet another cure for Guardians, and that is the new Destiny two DLC expansion.


In accordance with datamined files with a Destiny Reddit manhood that deleted their accounts , Beyond Light is going to be the newest Destiny two DLC which Guardians will be handling shortly!

It is unknown if Bungie will announce that the new season after and the new Destiny two DLC growth, though I would not put it beyond them. I mean, starting the season now, then declaring that Beyond Light will likely be hitting a particular date later this season should help construct the hype train up. Add a sprinkling of constant live occasions to keep things new, and I collect, which would make lots of Guardians joyful, no?

Do not forget to listen after as we will be reporting about the most recent Destiny two information drop to your new year, in addition to the weekly reset and much more.

What do you wish to see out of Destiny 2: Beyond Light? Hopefullya new enemy race, a lot of fresh exotics, and a new class or subclass are guaranteed.

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