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Nioh 2 Patch Notes 1.13 Update

Nioh 2 Patch Notes 1.13 Update

Nioh 2 Patch Notes 1.13 Update

The programmers of Nioh two published a new hotfix upgrade now. Below you’ll see all information relating to this upgrade on August 6.

Today’s update includes gameplay alterations and bug fixes for several bugs associated with DLC and Patch 1.11.

Have you noticed the new Nioh two DLC decorations yet? Here you can view our decoration guide.

Nioh two patch Notes 1.13



  • Adjusted the bodily strength of the subsequent directors in”Shura no more Yumeji”
    • Sickle weasel
    • Princess Nagabe
  • Adjusted the harm if hitting a weak point in”Shura no more Yumeji”
  • Reduced the amount of enemies appearing in precisely the exact same time, shark species, and time in certain”Emaki assignments”
  • Changed to have the ability to get”Hyakuya no Kaori” using a specific chance if you cannot find an image scroll once you engage as a guest at the”Emaki Mission”
  • Adjusted the harm increase amount from the 1-2 period of particular effect”multi-talented and flexible”, and corrected the damage growth amount from the 4-9 phase upward
  • these adjustments are made for its”prepared stick”
    • Adjusted the temptations of their martial arts”Olymaki”
    • Adjusted the knockback so it is a lot easier to hit consecutively when employing the martial arts”Sweeping Judge”
    • Adjusted the damage of the martial arts”Sweeping Judge”
    • while employing the martial arts”Touhou Soumei”, extend the time for deriving derivative functions
    • Adjusted knockback so the martial arts”Ssanryu Ranbu” can hit on the enemy
    • Adjusted knockback so the martial arts”Bounce Fishing Bottle” can hit on the enemy
    • Adjusted the homing and assault occurrence of this martial arts”Bounce Fishing Bottle”
    • Adjusted so the martial arts”Kozukiki” can hit on the enemy
    • Adjusted the harm and assault episode of this martial arts”Side Attack”
    • Adjusted the ability of the martial arts”Shibagiri” upwards, corrected the energy harm down
    • Adjusted the forward space of the martial arts”Shibaragi two” and also the damage if only entered was powerful
    • Adjusted the martial arts”Ryukai” to make it much easier to hit on the enemy, and corrected the harm upward
    • Adjusted to rapidly create an assault when you get a enemy assault together with all the martial arts”Kotei”
    • Adjusted the forwards distance to ensure it is a lot easier to grab the enemy’s attack with all the martial arts”little hand prevent”
    • Adjusted the martial arts”Kokukuki” harm and vitality harm upwards. Reduce rigidity after assault
    • Adjusted the harm of martial arts”Kasashita”
    • Adjusted the energy harm of regular strikes upward
    • Increased the damage of powerful attacks in the center row
    • Adjusted the harm and progress quantity of this speedy strike at the reduced row upwards


Bug fixes

    • Fixed a bug which the player can reposition unnaturally in the close of the activity of this coaching crawling martial arts”Ryubanki”
    • Fixed a bug that the martial arts didn’t look when performing a particular activity while utilizing the practice crawling martial arts”Ssanryu Ranbu”
    • Fixed a bug that the best way to decrease energy was distinct from the anticipated while utilizing the training ability”Ssanryu Ranbu”
    • Fixed a bug which it is possible to cancel prior to the attack power boost effect is added while utilizing the coaching ability”Ssanryu Ranbu two”
    • Fixed a bug that the shock wave of this Yokai weapon’s demon activation condition might not happen when using a powerful attack after preventing having a charging shank
    • Fixed a bug that the amount of strikes didn’t increase while using the practice cue martial arts”Tourou Feng Shuange””Kotei” together with the puzzle”Circle constant method” set
    • Fixed a bug that a number of strikes may not hit while utilizing the practice crawling martial arts”Ryoranki” together with the puzzle”dragon snake crawling method” place when armed with a coaching crawler
    • Fixed a bug that the struck timing of several strikes of this practice martial arts”Ryoranki” was distinct from the look
    • Fixed a bug that the key puzzle is incorrect with the speedy assault of the center and top tiers
    • Fixed a bug in which Zanshin couldn’t be triggered when the martial arts”Houmei Sword” was triggered by pressing and holding the button.
    • Fixed a bug that the martial arts personalization ability of”Zanshin When” has been dropped when loading save information.
    • Fixed a bug that parrying martial arts could be established contrary to the martial arts of the”Career” utilized from the enemy
    • Fixed a bug that”Blue Dragon” doesn’t go up and down if the participant moves at a location where there’s a gap in elevation while the protector spirit”Blue Dragon” is busy
    • Fixed a bug where”Blue Dragon” can follow unique players when predicting the guardian spirit of”Blue Dragon” in multiplayer.
    • Fixed a bug which damage caused by the enemy is reduced if you do another action like moving after triggering the subsequent Yokai technique
      • Warrior
      • Night sword god
      • Daedalaboch
      • Tree soul
    • Corrected the job of this Ushiwaka Senki’s most important assignment”Arashi Calm Whistle” so you can get things placed in locations which you cannot get
    • Fixed a bug from the Ushiwaka Senki primary mission”Arashi Calm Whistle” which triggered the boss to become not able to advance if he died in the sea
    • Fixed a bug in which Sukebit didn’t attack the boss at the Ushiwaka Senki primary mission”Arashi tranquil whistle”
    • Fixed a bug from the Ushiwaka Senki primary mission”Arashi tranquil whistle” the boss could remain down in some specific measures
    • Fixed a bug that an application error might happen when beating the boss at the primary assignment”Hitoyokatsu no Hate” of Ushiwaka Senki
    • Fixed a bug from the Ushiwaka Senki Submission”Beyond the White Blade” which could get the boss to become not able to continue while riding the lantern
    • Fixed a problem where the assault on”Date Asamune” wouldn’t be struck if you began accompanying”Date Asamune” from the Ushiwaka Senki’s entry”Reishiishi no more Hoshizoku”
    • Fixed a bug that the thing of Sacred Rarity may be dropped on account of the destruction of a few enemies using”Shards of Issue”
    • Fixed a bug that whenever the first weapon later”NEW GAME” is chosen, the”center” is really increased although”Spell+1″ is displayed if”Career” is chosen.
      *The parameters don’t change even when Ver1.13 is implemented. If you apply this Rokudou Rinsho, the initial parameter increase will be mirrored.
    • Fixed a bug that”Constructed” can be gotten at Garakuta City if the extra content”Ushiwaka Senki” isn’t implemented.
      * Should you save information without using the extra articles”Ushiwaka Senki”, then all of the prepared sticks obtained in Garakuta City is going to be lost.
    • Fixed a bug that the particular effect of gear offered in”Kiraku no more Garakuta City” of”Shura no more Yumeji” changes when moving in and from”Kiraku no more Garakuta City”
    • Fixed a bug which prohibited characters were added to the ending of”Picture scroll discoverer” at”Hyakki Yayuki image scroll”
    • Fixed a bug that the”Grace” particular result isn’t added to another spear weapons
      • Bi 々 Luo Mu no Six Hunting Spears
      • Swan Twist
    • Fixed a bug that prohibited consequences are exhibited in”Effect star listing”
    • Fixed a bug that the particular effect of”Grace” can’t be filtered
  • Other small bugs fixed
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