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Nioh 2 Patch Notes Update 1.14

Nioh 2 Patch Notes Update 1.14

Nioh 2 Patch Notes Update 1.14

The programmers of Nioh two published a new update now. Below you’ll see all information relating to this upgrade on September 3.

Have you noticed the new Nioh two DLC decorations yet? Here you can view our decoration guide.


Nioh two patch Notes 1.14

Added elements

  • Added a photo scroll in which the enemies and directors looking at the”Ushiwaka Senki” look in”Hyakki Yayuki Picture Scroll / Shura” that’s available at the issue level”Shura no more Yumeji”


  • Adjusted the following things for the gear which may be accessed when attacking an enemy onto the difficulty level of”Shura no more Yumeji”
    • Improved the appearance rate of specific effects which don’t arise in”Rehabilitation” of their blacksmith
    • Boost the lower limit and fix upward to make it simpler for the upper limit to look from the randomly determined range of specific effect amounts. There is not any change in the top limitation itself
  • Adjusted to make it a lot easier to strike enemies if the”Bounce fishing jar” training procedure is discharged from the next phase of the speedy attack on the top point
  • Changed the specifications of particular effects which are triggered during the youkai creature to trigger throughout the monsterization attack by the achievement of the distinctive ability
  • The distinctive effect”Reflecting ammunition together with the preceding guard” was altered to reflect a few missiles aside from ammunition. Fixed a bug that cancels and doesn’t proceed to group
    • Fixed a problem where at the Emaki assignment, in the event the bodily strength is decreased by a specific amount right after the appearance of”Kashinshi”,”Kashinshi” doesn’t assault
    • Fixed a problem at which the Emaki assignment, should you ruin the”Kashishinji” by group, you won’t be murdered but will be restored
    • Fixed an issue that in certain Emaki assignments, should you die at precisely the exact same time as ruining the boss, the business cannot be utilized after restarting along with the Emaki gauge can become 0
    • Fixed a bug that gamers not having published”Shura no more Yumeji” can perform with the assignment of”Hyakki Yayuki Emaki / Shura” by doing a particular process with Tokiyo
    • Fixed an issue that if the host started the”Mission Selection” screen and stood up on account of the passing of time, they could not advance
    • Fixed a problem where the Emaki assignment was launched by following a particular process when you’d no”Hyakki Yayuki Emaki” from the normal scroll of this Emaki assignment.
    • Fixed a bug that an application error might happen during a particular occasion when playing three people in precisely the exact same world in the home assignment of Ushiwaka Senki”Arashi calm whistle”
    • Fixed a bug in which the boss wouldn’t look after restarting when it expired at precisely the exact same time as the manager of this Ushiwaka Senki’s most important assignment”Arashi tranquil whistle” was ruined
    • Fixed a bug that the boss of lunge attack may not quit from the boss battle in the multiplayer of the chief assignment”Hitoyokatsu no Hate” at Ushiwaka Senki
    • Fixed a bug in which the boss may not go for a particular length of time after finishing the fantastic sword martial arts”Boar spin” from the boss battles of this Ushiwaka Senki assignments”Hitoyokatsu no Hate” and”Shiroeda Beyond”
    • Fixed a bug that caused the host to depart the assignment initially then”Cooperative play collapsed” when the host uttered the assignment when calling Ushiwaka Senki’s entry”Todoroku Heiraku”
    • Fixed a bug that the treasure chest that’s a requirement to be fulfilled vanished and couldn’t be improved if you neglected in some specific conditions and continued from the shipping assignment”Ryobei ​​no Kizuna”
    • Fixed an issue that the spirit creation that falls in”Shura no more Yumeji” could be awarded”Succession Partner by piling spirits” to a infrequent creation spirit generations
    • Fixed a problem with all the armor of Ushiwaka armor, where the”gear weight” in the period of rarity”sacred” was high
  • Corrected the issue that the performance when launching the warehouse gets heavy when the entire number of items from the warehouse raises.
  • Adjusted the touch judgment of every icon when working together with the left stick to the weapon type selection display of”Ability acquisition”
  • Fixed a bug that in the event that you begin with NEW GAME from the model from Ver1.11 into Ver1.13, the data of”Production process” passed into the blacksmith is going to be dropped at the end of the match.
    * By employing Ver1.14, the info on the given over recipe is going to be revived.
  • Fixed an issue which the placing of”body decoration” could be initialized in Character Create.

After we get end of the following DLC or patch, we will let our readers know.

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