Nioh 2 Patch Notes Update Version 1.18

Nioh 2 Patch Notes Update Version 1.18

Nioh 2 Patch Notes Update Version 1.18

The programmers of Nioh two published a new update now. Below you’ll see all information relating to this upgrade on Ocotber 22.

The patch has only been triggered in Asia. We can let you know how big this download when the upgrade to US and EU has already been published.

Nioh two patch Notes 1.18



  • Increased the amount of specific effects given to little things with rarity”Kamiho”
    * Adjusted are just like the amount of specific effects when increasing the rarity of little things to”Kamiho” together with”Stone of Difficulty”
  • Changed to bring a special impact if there’s a distance in the distinctive effect frame of this accessory if you deposit the attachment of this rarity”Kamiho” and”commemorate” in”Stone of Difficulty” of”Sha”
  • Changed so “Receive” can’t be chosen when”Memorial” could be chosen in”Stone of Difficulty” of”Business” to stop incorrect operation.
  • Added the capability to push nearby enemies instantly after utilizing the ninjutsu”Dark Extreme Heavy Wave Bullet”
  • Adjusted the quantity of health retrieval when a sword or corresponding character is attacked by an enemy that has been granted”Enlightenment Difficulty”
  • Adjusted the quantity of gathered abnormal state strikes issued by”Hunger”
  • The disadvantageous result given by the particular effect”Your Electricity Advance” was altered so it isn’t subject to the Yin-Yang technique”Iki”.
  • Changed to issue a confirmation message when”Soul Matching and Grace Inheritance” happens in”Soul Matching” of”Blacksmith”

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug about the assignment of”Heiankyo Demon Den”
    • Fixed a bug that the display goes black once the battle ends instantly after receiving a catch attack at the boss fight of the chief assignment”Ryoune from the Fire”.
    • Fixed a bug which can make it impossible to move whether the setting of”Skip film once seen” differs based on the participant when corresponding the most important mission”Ryoon from the flame”.
    • Fixed a bug that the problem level varies to”Samurai’s Fantasy Road” after emptying the most important assignment”Yokai no more Daimon” for the very first time.
    • Fixed a bug in which”Nurikabe” at the primary assignment”Yokai no more Daimon” was hammered on.
    • Fixed a bug where opponents beyond the region could intrude or move from this region when fighting in the obstructed area of ​​the entry”Unusual Killing”.
    • Fixed a bug that the boss might not look and you might not have the capacity to go when corresponding the entry”Unusual Killing”
    • Fixed a bug that the eternal darkness which has been canceled by a certain procedure might be restored when accompanying the entry”Unusual Killing”
    • Fixed a bug where objects dropped by the manager of this entry”Tathagata’s Palm” may be obstructed by the boss of chest and become inaccessible.
    • Fixed a bug in the entry”End of the Feast” in which the corresponding character couldn’t be removed without moving into the supervisor area.
    • Fixed a bug that may stop”Amulet Homa Fire” from being triggered when accompanying the entry”Overflowing Chaos”.
    • Fixed a bug that the look timing of enemies in conflict might be substantially different between gamers when followed by the entry”One Party of Devil”.
  • Bug fixes regarding the rear of the hands
    • Fixed a bug the British art”Unwinding” on the back of the hands could trigger”Unwinding two” toward the locked-on enemy as it had been set against an enemy that wasn’t locked on.
    • Fixed a bug that when beating an enemy with all the martial arts”Yakura Crush” and”Fortress Castle” on the back of the hands, it might become up after after falling into the floor.
    • Fixed a bug that the particular effect”Automatic wellbeing retrieval with 0 electricity” does not trigger.
    • Fixed a bug that the particular effect”○○ enhancement in siege” doesn’t trigger
    • Fixed a bug that the particular effect of Souls”This monster ability strikes XX enhancement” doesn’t operate correctly.
    • Fixed a bug in which the guardian soul’s blessing”Nagi no Breath” will perform a generation that restores HP even beyond the mission.
    • Fixed a bug in which the corpse always recovers health even during conflict if it’s the guardian soul’s blessing”Nagi no Breath”.
    • Fixed a bug that the particular effects”Hiiragi’s harm” and”Unwinding harm” weren’t functioning from the derivative technique of their martial art.
    • Fixed a bug that the particular effect”Recover energy by achievement of Hiiragi” does not do the job correctly.
    • Fixed a bug that the amount of strikes that initially increased might not rise correctly when the distinctive effect”Mystery Compatibility (Preparation Club)” is implemented.
    • Fixed a bug that the”Toraana” superstar was exhibited while at the eternal world when employing a weapon aside from the ax once the ax puzzle”Toraana” was allowed by the distinctive impact”Mystery compatibility”.
    • Fixed a bug that the particular effect”Soul Matching Price” that seemed on the issue level”Shura no Yumeji” didn’t look to”Shura no Yumeji” later Ver1.17.
    • Fixed a bug which the tab stays”ready bar” if the”bottom” choice display is opened after picking any”hand back” in the”hand ” tab on the”material” choice display in”soul fitting” of”blacksmith”.
    • Fixed a bug that the first value of the chosen variety of”Shards of Sacred Treasure” varies in a certain process in”Forging” of”Blacksmith”.
    • Fixed a bug which you may invent with 0 resources from”Forging” of”Blacksmith”
  • Other bug fixes
    • Fixed a bug that the gear performance doesn’t increase in accordance with this + value when the + value of this weapon / armor of this rarity”Kamiho” surpasses 28.
    • “Fixed a bug that the numerical screen on the ideal side of this physical strength gauge wasn’t displayed properly when the highest value of bodily strength exceeded 10000.
    • Fixed a bug in which certain enemies would not seem from the Samurai Yumeji Omagatoki assignment”Purple Mei no more Sakuraka”
    • Fixed a bug in which an application error could occur if the guardian spirit was changed prior to hitting an enemy employing a youkai technique once the secondary defender spirit wasn’t equipped.
    • Fixed a bug in which skeletons and accompanying characters will continue to strike the stage where”Oboroguruma” appeared after beating”Oboroguruma”.
    • Fixed a bug in which the enemy’s physical strength could be revived in the event the enemy’s projectile with”Enlightenment Difficulty” was pumped off using”Repulsion” etc..
    • Fixed a bug that resulted in a great deal of damage because of the breaking up of the flame sword when getting the flame of”Oezo” with”Repulsion”.
    • Fixed a bug which”Form order” didn’t exist at”Order shifting” at”Receive” of”Stone of problem” of”Business”
    • Fixed a bug which”Regeneration of Ideas” wasn’t shown in”Demon Hunting Demon” of”Yokai Illustrated”.
    • Fixed a bug that assignment information might not be displayed properly when multiple chambers exist when exhibiting the space listing from the”Custom Match” look of”Eternal companion”.
    • Fixed a bug that arm disappears when the rear of the hand is delivered when”Brief range weapon screen” in”Game configurations” of”System” is defined to”Don’t screen when sword is delivered”.
    • Fixed other small bugs
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