Nioh 2 Update Patch Notes 1.17

Nioh 2 Update Patch Notes 1.17

Nioh 2 Update Patch Notes 1.17

The programmers of Nioh two published a new update now. Below you’ll see all information relating to this upgrade on October 14.

Nioh two patch Notes 1.17

The patch notes are only available in Japanese right now, we interpreted them to you with Google Translator.

Materials to be inserted:

The protagonist finds that a business using a so-called flute in Yashima, in which there was a significant struggle. And each time there’s a significant war in this nation, there’s a shadow of a youkai supporting it, and he learns that the heroes have struggled to recover calmness by wielding Sohayamaru.

* To perform”Ushiwaka Senki”, you have to clear the most important narrative.


The coaching club is really a weapon created by linking several short sticks using a string. By eliminating and adjusting the stitches of these sticks, the span and motion could be changed flexibly. You might even eliminate the centre seam together with the string and use it just like 2 nunchakus.
* It’ll be accessible from the start.

You’ll have the ability to acquire more effective gear, soul fees, and image scrolls (new components ), and also the upper limit of this participant level as well as also the limit value of this + value because of soul fitting will also rise.

* You may be published by catching”Ayakashi no more Yumeji”.

Much more barbarous fresh youkai block the way than the primary narrative. New youkai spirits and youkai techniques are also added.

  • New protector spirit
  • New weapons / armor / accessories
  • Brand New secretary abilities
  • New gesture / replicate
  • New decorations / names / drama documents
  • Particular consequences and alignment effects awarded to gear accessible Shura’s Yumeji


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