No Man’s Sky Desolation Update Patch Notes 2.60

No Mans Sky Desolation Update Patch Notes 2.60

No Mans Sky Desolation Update Patch Notes 2.60

Hello Games Introduced the patch notes for the No Man Sky Desolation Update. Below is the entire patch notes for this particular July 16 upgrade.

Today’s update brings a whole lot of fresh material, bug fixes and enhancements.

  • Added a brand new category of distance experience, the Derelict Freighter. These are able to be obtained on and researched.
    • Derelict freighters are procedurally created, with an unlimited variety of possible designs.
    • Derelict freighters include large quantities of precious salvage, in addition to unique new benefits.
    • Each star system has just one derelict freighter design, enabling Travellers to split the portal speech of systems with especially interesting wrecks.
  • Derelict freighters are home to a number of fresh hostile entities, such as protection turrets, competitive drones, along with a fresh number of biological terror.
  • Derelict freighters include procedurally generated tales, with information logs available and the team’s destiny to become unravelled.
  • New lore and narrative content are available when regaining the captain’s log.
  • Derelict freighters are sometimes discovered from the starships’ subspace radar whilst utilizing Pulse Drive. But they are sometimes especially sought out by buying a Licensed Broadcast Receiver in the Space Station’s new Scrap Dealer. Prices reset every day.
  • Every week, Iteration Helios Provides a free Emergency Broadcast Receiver.
  • Derelict freighters offer you many rewarding benefits:
    • Valuable items along with a high number of nanites.
    • The chance to market the information logs to get nanites or standing.
    • The capacity to utilize the derelict freighter’s technology system to extract a bit of this freighter’s technologies to fit into your capital ship.
    • The capacity to utilize the derelict freighter’s technology system to create new stock slots to your capital ship. Take fresh widescreen bulkheads into the Upgrade Station in your freighter bridge to use them. Unlock new accessible colors with nanites. Unlocked colors are forever available and may be reapplied at no cost.
    • Storage Containers constructed on a freighter base today add tabs on the freighter’s inventory webpage, enabling rapid direction of freighter inventory contents.
    • Fixed a problem that prevented the installation of technologies in a freighter’s entire stock.
    • Improved the screen and clarity of these stats displayed on the freighter inventory display. These versions do not need power.
    • Capital ships today contribute stats into the achievement of fleet expeditions. This stat could be made better with new procedural technology salvaged from derelict or abandoned freighters.
    • The excursion UI now reveals the gap between stats contributed from the fleet and stats led by temporary frigate updates or some other capital ship technology.
    • Fixed a problem that may lead to an expedition to be launched while browsing or adding available temporary frigate updates.
    • Added place text into all color, feel and armour design choices to the buttons at the customiser, enabling gamers to know beforehand what choice they’re picking. This odd device will help find an anomalous distance thing.
    • Added the capability to add a personalized Title into your player title.
      • Titles could be chosen at the Customiser.
      • Titles are made for a massive assortment in literary accomplishments.
    • Sentinel health was reduced, but after alerted and searching the participant, they spawn in larger classes.
    • Sentinel weapon rates are adjusted to enhance the sense of battle.
    • Player projectiles and planning have been corrected to enhance the sense of battle.
    • Generally speaking, player weapon reload rates are decreased and clip sizes improved.
    • The base damage of this Boltcaster has been raised.
    • Ricochet is no more at the pool of procedural updates. Particular technologies are added to the study shrub on the Space Anomaly which will add ricochet performance to weapons if wanted.
    • The Boltcaster along with the Scatter Blaster currently fire . Holding down the fire will activate short differences between salvos. These could be corrected with new technologies.
    • Improved the rate of Boltcaster and Scatter Blaster projectiles, which makes it a lot easier to reach targets.
    • Additional tracer lines into the Boltcaster projectiles.
    • Improved the minimal damage of this Blaze Javelin if shooting without charging.
    • Reduced the cooldown period for its Blaze Javelin.
    • Additional custom reticles for every single weapon style.
    • Effect targeting and effects status is currently shown on the reticle.
    • The Blaze Javelin fee status is currently shown on the reticle.
    • Improved the rate of the FOV zoom while utilizing the battle extent.
    • Enriched the effect consequences and muzzle flashes of weapons.
    • Enriched the camera shake and pad vibration through battle.
    • Improved the clarity of the incoming harm index on the participant HUD.
    • Fixed a problem that caused the secondary weapon style to become deselected when loading a rescue.
    • Reworked the digsite Nexus multiplayer missions to permit advancement from any sort of bone, instead of requiring just bones that are very rare.
    • Summoning the Space Anomaly while at Pulse Drive will correctly disengage the Pulse Engine. This is sometimes used to fix any damaged subcomponent, instead of its mandatory materials. The apparel is absorbed upon usage.
    • Introduced a small optimisation to terrain creation.
    • Introduced a new execution for blossom post-processing consequences.
    • Increased lighting for glowing or emissive props.
    • Increased the quality and brightness levels of lens side effects.
    • Selected spotlights, like the player flashlight, now use textured light routines.
    • Selected spotlights now exhibit volumetric properties.
    • When linking a multiplayer match in the frontend, if the participant you’re linking is about the Space Anomaly then you certainly are going to urinate right aboard the Anomaly together.
    • Fixed a problem that may cause flickering text to the Galaxy Map.
    • Multiplayer participant titles are now shown when hovering over programs from the Galaxy Map.
    • Fixed a problem that may cause players to begin in a dangerous system when beginning a new game in multiplayer.
    • Fixed a range of community stability problems.
    • Fixed a problem where participant mark names would struggle with their interaction instant.
    • Fixed a variety of instances of chat message spam if entering or departing the Space Anomaly.
    • Fixed a variety of topics that might result in assignments to come across erroneous intentions when job multiplayer missions in the Nexus.
    • Fixed a problem that prevented photo assignments functioning properly on Xbox.
    • Fixed a problem that could prevent gamers from summoning their freighter into RGB systems.
    • Fixed a variety of problems that could happen if players deleted the Void Egg before talking into this Living Ship for the very first time.
    • Fixed quite a few settlement scaling issues, for example, discovery data popup, and harm and neighboring Sentinel indicators.
    • The HUD now properly shows a damage index once the jetpack is broken.
    • Fixed an problem with VR camera placement whenever the player body is empowered.
    • Added an alternative for VR head bob once the player body is empowered.
    • Fixed a problem where VR weapon shadows would show out of VR.
    • Fixed a problem that may lead to a moon to be tagged’of an unidentified world’ even following discovery.
    • Fixed some of missing or incorrect icons in the Manual.
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