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No Man’s Sky Patch Notes Update 3.05

No Mans Sky Patch Notes Update 3.05

No Mans Sky Patch Notes Update 3.05

Hello Games published a new upgrade for No Man’s Sky now. Below you’ll find all pertinent details regarding the patch on October 26th.

The file size on your PS4 is about 4 GB, depending upon the stage.

No Man Sky Patch Notes 3.05

  • Derelict freighters are rebalanced for greater struggle.
  • Low temperatures are more intense, safety systems are more demanding and more effective at finding intruders, aliens are more competitive, and most hostile lifeforms are somewhat more challenging to conquer. This will be accessible for the upcoming few weeks.
  • The garbage trader on Space Stations now shares a variety of base components, stickers, banner ads and a Horrific Flesh-Helmet.
  • The garbage trader now deals in a brand new black market money, Tainted Metal, which is bought from derelict freighters.
  • The garbage trader also currently stocks Repair Kits.
  • Additional two new player names, which might be earned through in-game accomplishments and chosen at the Look Modifier.
  • Enriched the telling icons displayed when inputting freighters and derelict freighters.
  • Fixed a problem that resulted in hostile monsters to fall through the ground of derelict freighters.
  • Fixed a problem that caused derelict freighter doorways to take too much time to open.
  • Fixed a problem which led to the Lost in Space assignment to linger after departing a derelict freighter.
  • Fixed a problem that could sometimes make the guild envoy and garbage trader rewards for finishing a derelict freighter are the wrong way about in Korvax systems.
  • Fixed a problem that may lead to derelict freighters into despawn whether the player tried to fix or install tech in their boat while in a distance.
  • Fixed a problem that might result in aquatic forests to be recorded as”burst” when detected.
  • Fixed a problem that may sometimes prevent monsters from spawning where or often they need to.
  • Fixed a problem that may cause teleporters to exhibit the wrong galaxy title for a few ancient galaxies.
  • Fixed a problem that prevented the Exocraft mining laser out of harvesting sources from terrain deposits.
  • Fixed a problem that might lead to freighter base components to be unpowered when assembled in certain locations inside the freighter.
  • Fixed a problem that might lead to weather impacts to happen past the planetary atmosphere.
  • Fixed a problem that might lead to frigate expeditions to benefit deprecated products.
  • Introduced a memory-management optimization and mended a range of memory-related crashes on console.
  • Fixed some infrequent crash problems.
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