No Man’s Sky Update Patch Notes 2.54

No Mans Sky Update Patch Notes 2.54

No Mans Sky Update Patch Notes 2.54

Hello Games introduced the patch notes for the No Man Sky Hotifx Update. This update fixes a few problems, among other matters.

It is the fourth upgrade in Only a Couple of Days

No Man’s Sky Update 2.54 Patch Notes

  • Fixed a problem that led to PS4 players to wreck when ambiently matchmaking with gamers from another stage.
  • On consoles, fixed a crash which could happen when NPC pilots put in their ships to eliminate (this issue was fixed on PC).
  • Fixed a variety of problems that may prevent players from having the ability to view other players that are nearby.
  • Fixed a problem that could allow gamers to join a band that they didn’t have permission to connect.
  • Fixed a media error that could happen when linking games in the frontend.
  • Fixed a problem that may stop Steam sessions from being marked complete when in the player cap.
  • Fixed a problem that prevented system-level messages from appearing in the conversation window when chat permissions were limited.
  • Fixed a problem that may cause Speech-To-Text to become busy even if disabled in the options.
  • Fixed a problem that caused the default network permissions to be wrong in Regular Mode.
  • Fixed a problem which made the Nexus assignment board UI seem too far from VR.
  • Fixed a problem that caused boat sounds from some other players to loop continuously.
  • Fixed a problem that caused Xbox One participant to become matchmade along with different platforms when they’d disabled crossplay in a platform OS level.
  • Introduced a Tiny load-time optimization for Xbox One.
  • About PC, repaired a throttling problem when changing window focus.
  • Fixed a problem with depot raiding multiplayer missions which could block advancement if players ruined a depot while at their boat.
  • Fixed a rare problem that may sometimes cause multiplayer missions to fail to discover a suitable world on which to accumulate a Quad Servo.
  • Made quite a few small text fixes.
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