Opinion: Marauders have no place in competitive Fortnite

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Opinion Marauders have no place in competitive Fortnite

Epic Games hahas at least given players the belief that they are devoted to creating the aggressive side of Fortnite at Chapter 2. Chapter 2 Season 1 has been a rebirth for both Arena and tournament play, using a bare-bones loot pool which sasacrificingariety for consequences.

Ever since that time, Epic have retained upgrading their gamers and even executed some much-requested modifications to aggressive Fortnite. Among the biggest indications of advancement was that the accession of a trial period for new products. Rather than adding everything to aggressive manners immediately, they will give it a try in public games, first.

Season two could be up there also if it were not for its NPC Henchmen and directors that regularly removed players at Arena. Rather than revisiting the Henchmen in Season 3, Epic doubled-down in their NPC hindrance with the addition of Marauders that randomly spawn upon the map.

Marauders are not the toughest matter to manage, but they can mean certain death should you encounter them at a vulnerable situation. They ofofferome rewarding loot, occasionally, but they squander your recovery products, substances, and ammo. The expense of combating them is nearly always too large, particularly in solos.

These brand new NPC agitators are good for people games. In my view, they have been inserted to help fill the lull between ancient and late-game struggles. In aggressive manners and tournaments, but they cause more problem than they are worth.

If an NPC have the capability to headshot a participant for 200 harm and finish their game in a tournament? If they’re pitching stinks that may end the match of somebody who’s low on HP? If they’re outfitted with a Rocket Launcher that may seriously damage you? In my view, the solution is a resounding, no.


It would be something if Marauders were at the match throughout a team-based FNCS season. This year is solos, but meaning that Marauders have an opportunity to single-handedly cost a few players tens of thousands of dollars. I can not know why Epic would like to maintain them Arena, outside of the fact they are the only location where you could locate Stink Bombs.

I am not a strict aggressive player. A few seasons, I create it into Champion League and many others I do not — it is not a massive deal to me personally. That having been said, my blood boils every time I listen to that the Marauder songs within an Arena match, and I can not imagine how mad it has to create tier-one pros.

They are easier to prevent and are not as punishing, but nevertheless look like a casual, unique addition to the sport which does not belong in aggressive.

Eliminating Marauders and Sharks from aggressive Fortnite would, in my estimation, be the most suitable choice. It is only one alternative, however. There is a way to correct these two NPC nuisances for aggressive modes.

Reddit consumer Dimmy192 commented on a Marauder post using a sensible suggestion: create Marauders and Sharks inactive in Arena and championship modes. This way, it’s still possible to attack them should you want or want their loot. If you do not need to participate together, you do not need to. This also eliminates the Marauder trtrick shotshat you visit, above.

With Solo FNCS round the corner, we still have not seen the past game-ruining Marauder clip. Marauders and Sharks are coping with this. In my view, that is entirely unfair.

We expect that Epic believe community opinions in a manner they did not with all the BRUTE. Leave them in people games but eliminate them pacify them in aggressive modes. These look like the only sensible, sensible choices.

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