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Patch notes

Overwatch Patch Notes Update 2.93

Overwatch Patch Notes Update 2.93

Overwatch Patch Notes Update 2.93

Blizzard has just published a brand new Overwatch upgrade. We’ve got the entire patch notes with this upgrade on June 30.

The size of this upgrade can change based upon the stage.

With the current upgrade, a fresh soundtrack along with the Sigma’s Maestro Challenge is going to be inserted, in addition to a few improvements and bug fixes.

The Career Profile webpage was redesigned to offer a much better, more compact experience when seeing participant profiles. Besides the Brand-new look, we have also added some fresh quality-of-life attributes:

  • Game style play time has been added to the review section, so you can see Precisely How Long you’ve invested in manners such as Competitive Play or some of the community’s imaginative Workshop manners
  • Numbers are displayed in a tabular format, divided by”Average/10 minutes”,”Best”,”Complete”, giving a cleaner, more readable perspective
  • In-game accomplishments are grouped by class, and can be filtered by everything you have earned and have to unlock
  • Player Icons are currently grouped by class and may be filtered by protagonist and possessed standing


  • Catch the Flag literary accomplishments have been transferred to the Maps class
  • Additional additional playback languages such as Echo’s Duplicate capability video



  • Fixed a bug using the FFA arcade game style that caused 1P and 3P spectating to not work
  • Fixed a bug using the FFA arcade game style that caused the Defeat screen to show to the winning group
  • Fixed a bug using the FFA arcade game style not incorporating Replays for players inside the game
  • Fixed a bug which caused Echo’s first flame audio to play with too loudly when utilizing the”No Ammunition Requirement” setting
  • Fixed a bug in Custom Games that triggered the Deathmatch announcer voice lineup to erroneously state total kills staying if the match mode has been set to a habit score
  • Fixed a bug with wrong team colours exhibiting for the winning team after a game concludes
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the leap landing sound effect to perform if holding down the leap keybind
  • Fixed a bug in Tutorial that triggered training bots not to display their wellness bars
  • Fixed a bug using the Role Select display not appearing correctly on multiple Principal menu displays to non-group leaders
  • left a bug in Capture the Flag that triggered the contesting sound impact to not change in pitch Depending on the flag’s proximity to the catch point



  • Fixed a bug in which the Viper can clip the camera when Ashe is leaping and shooting when planning down her landscapes

Doom fist


  • Fixed a bug where D.Va’s Micro Missiles weren’t being influenced by damage increase abilities


  • Fixed a bug with all the Deflect sound impact not fitting the duration of the power
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Genji to shoot projectile harm during a Deflect if too near an enemy


  • Fixed a bug with Sonic Arrow not providing eyesight through walls when distracted by Genji

Wrecking Ball

  • Fixed a bug in which Wrecking Ball may use Grappling Claw without turning into ball type
  • Fixed a bug with Minefield where a few mines could become trapped indoors terrain on Temple of Anubis
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