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Overwatch Patch Notes Update 2.94

Overwatch Patch Notes Update 2.94

Overwatch Patch Notes Update 2.94

Blizzard has launched a brand new Overwatch upgrade. We’ve got the entire patch notes with this upgrade on July 23.

The size of this upgrade can change based upon the stage. The upgrade makes alterations to the sound and a number of mistakes are fixed.



  • Sound volume and space have been decreased for a enemy Echo’s passive blot sound
  • Sound directionality advancements have been created to get an enemy Echo’s place and tri-shot weapon fire seems

After the first launch for Echo, we left some audio-level adjustments to deal with issues that Echo was quiet in battle. Those modifications raised the enemy Echo’s quantity and increased the space where the protagonist may be observed pertaining to her passive blot. Once more opinions, we believe like these first attempts to correct Echo were too extreme. In this patch, re-adjustments were created to reduce enemy Echo’s passive blot sound in volume marginally, and predominate in the space where the noise is heard to get more consistency with other Hero footsteps from the Overwatch roster. Further alterations were made to the enemy echo passive blot sound and tri-shot weapon fire seems to help pinpoint directionality.



  • Fixed a bug that exhibited player existence as being at the Arcade while enjoying with a Competitive Open Queue game
  • Fixed a bug with the ending of game and finish of year UI displaying erroneous values for your livelihood high SR
  • Fixed a bug in custom matches which brought ahead spawn rooms to become busy for gamers on Deathmatch maps like Temple of Anubis, Hanamura and Volskaya



  • Fixed a bug that could cause constant armor corrosion for heroes with underlying armor when getting multiple Repair Bundle charges

Wrecking Ball

  • Fixed a bug where Wrecking Ball can strike an enemy considerably quicker than planned with Roll Damage
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