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Overwatch Patch Notes Update 2.97

Overwatch Patch Notes Update 2.97

Overwatch Patch Notes Update 2.97

Blizzard has launched a brand new Overwatch upgrade. We’ve got the entire patch notes with this upgrade on September 15.

With the current patch you will find aggressive upgrades and bug fixes.

Blink to conflict and observe to start with unlockable content that is literary!

Through September 28, make extra rewards by viewing Overwatch flows on Twitch! Make a total of 6 Tracer’s Comic Challenge sprays, packed with their own unique sound effects.

Aggressive 3v3 Lockout Elimination

Season 3 of Aggressive 3v3 Lockout Elimination has started!

Penalties are more intense and will Result in some year ban more quickly


  • The legal range for amounts saved in variables and used in mathematical expressions continues to be increased

We are very happy to bring you the capability to scale gamers to quite little and very large dimensions, but it includes a single notable caveat: Allowing players into very large dimensions and transferring them into spaces in which they do not readily fit can affect server load and possibly cause your case to close down. There are two strategies to mitigate this: First, you may select one of those Workshop maps. These are developed for experimentation and will accommodate huge players. Second, you may use the”Disable Movement Collision With Environment” activity. This will result in the participant to pass through ceilings and walls, although the player can still stand floors if the”Include Floors” option is set to False. (Collision with flooring doesn’t possess exactly the exact same server load consequences.) When in doubt, it is possible to display the Server Load worth from the HUD so as to ascertain how scaling is impacting server load.


  • Fixed a bug that caused training bots not to show buffs and debuffs in their gyms
  • Fixed a bug at Deathmatch which Led to the Defeat series to possibly screen for the winning participant on the Victory display
  • Fixed a bug that caused ping icons over player heads to subtly shake rarely
  • Fixed a bug that caused placeable items to clip into par geometry on particular maps
  • Fixed a bug at Career Profile that triggered some UI elements inside the Achievements tab to not display properly
  • Fixed a bug using the Overwatch League Replay Viewer that caused wrong group titles to exhibit
  • Fixed a bug that caused group invites not to look properly when the invitation was delivered to a buddy logging to the match
  • Fixed a bug at Mystery Heroes that triggered the Games Played statistic not to increment correctly when backfilling and dropping a game
  • Fixed a bug that caused inconsistent hitbox positioning for heroes which are suspended while going


Blizzard World

  • Fixed a bug that caused a few voice over seems not to playback correctly in the Nexus Experience place


  • Fixed a bug that subjected a little gap in flat geometry that enabled particular heroes to escape the map

Route 66

  • Fixed a bug that subjected a little gap at level geometry that enabled players to take it

Temple of Anubis

  • Fixed a bug using flat geometry that let players to stand along with an accidental place



  • Fixed a bug using the Holiday highlight intro not animating properly


  • Fixed a bug using the Feskarn epidermis that caused an part of Brigitte’s protector to float in the atmosphere during emotes


  • Fixed a bug that caused main attack sounds to perform in a high quantity


  • Fixed a bug using all the Sitting victory pose not showing correctly



  • Fixed a bug where canceling Genji’s Dragonblade swings to Swift Attack can cause inconsistent application of harm at particular latencies
  • Fixed a bug where Genji wouldn’t move forward if utilizing Swift Strike Whilst aiming in a wall near front of him
  • Fixed a bug in which Genji could occasionally not immediately look around in the conclusion of Swift Attack, that occurred more frequently when racing towards a wall or floor
  • Fixed a bug that triggered Swift jolt to occasionally incorrectly exhibit visual strike signs


  • Fixed a bug that caused Ice Wall to split when in close proximity to Cryo-Freeze
  • Fixed a bug which prevented Ice Wall from proceeding when put on the moving enthusiast in Junkertown


That triggered tether functionality to split when trying to pull max range



  • Fixed a bug that may cause Reinhardt’s defense to emerge in an angle exposing him to enemy strikes


  • Fixed a bug that caused Sombra not to be cured from the payload under certain circumstances


  • Fixed a bug that enabled Tracer to Blink into casual areas in Temple of Anubis


  • Fixed a bug that may cause the match to enter an unlimited match restart cycle in case a lot of particular actions were implemented immediately on game launch
  • Fixed a bug that may cause players to shed their bodies completely if the”Start Forcing Player To Be Hero” activity was united with Command maps or even the”Spawn As Random Hero” placing
  • Fixed a bug preventing automatic reloads out of being disabled when disabling reloading via Workshop
  • Fixed a bug preventing D.Va from correctly managing ammo/reload associated actions/values when from mech
  • Fixed a bug where strings with unicode characters may be trimmed wrongly when copy-pasting
  • Fixed a bug where particular values neglected to export from inspector when replicating action text
  • Fixed a bug that caused difficulties with third person spectating when scaling
  • Fixed a bug that triggered McCree’s Flashbang not to reach goals when scaled as much as 20 occasions
  • Fixed a bug that caused ground and air movement rates to differ when placing a character’s movement rate to quite slow

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