Overwatch Server Changelog Update

Overwatch Server Changelog Update

Overwatch Server Changelog Update

Blizzard has launched a brand new server upgrade for Overwatch. You do not need to put in a patch!

The Overwatch Server Update from September 10th creates some alterations to the hero . Here we show you each of the changes.


  • Shotgun patterns no longer employ arbitrary rotation.We are producing weapons which use shotgun patterns more dependable by taking away the arbitrary rotation applied to every shot. Individual pellets inside the shooter will still have a very small quantity of variance for their shooting angle for the interest of this shotgun weapon texture, yet this change provides more control over preparing these firearms.

    When coupled with the alterations into shotgun patterns, we are seeking to maintain Roadhog’s Chain Hook combo dependable, but not too powerful against personalities with greater spas.


    Scrap Gun


    • Projectile damage decreased from 7 to 6 (150 complete per injection )

    This shift into Torbjörn’s secondary fire is geared toward giving it a more powerful function at close selection. We are hoping this shift permits each shot to sense more impactful, as it’s a bigger burst. To maintain this shift in line, we have also decreased the damage-per-second.

    Rivet Gun

    Secondary Fire

    • Recovery climbed by 0.6 to 0.8 minutes
    • Damage rose by 10.5 to 12.5 a projectile (125 complete per injection )

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