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Paladins Patch Notes Update 2.21

Paladins Patch Notes Update 2.21

Paladins Patch Notes Update 2.21

Hi-Rez Studios as well as the responsible programmers have released a new upgrade for Paladins today. We’ve got the entire patch notes with this upgrade on July 29th.

The Paladins Update 2.21 is currently available for downloading. The size of this download is dependent upon the specific platform. With the current upgrade, the new Fight Pass Darkness and Dragons will be included. There are naturally other new content and bug fixes.

Fight Pass — Lively Stars

The Darkness and Dragons Battle Pass will soon become purchasable with the launch of Patch 4 — Lively Stars. The Lively Stars Battle PaPassesill be available for sale together with the launch of papatches.

Get instant rewards for buying, and unlock over 100 more goodies by simply playing and leveling up your Battle Pass. All players begin earning Radiant Stars Battle PaPassesxperience the moment the upgrade is live. Fight Pass buyers unlock premium rewards each degree, in addition to the free track benefits.

The Lively Stars Battle PaPassesosts 600 Crystals, and benefits you for playing. Now you Can unlock to 450 Crystals Throughout the Fight Pass Free TrTracknd another 150 throughout the Premium Track, which makes the Battle Pass FREE formerly done. Research our expanded articles for every Champion featured within this Fight Pass. Every Champion currently has a foundation skin and 7 added variations able to be unlocked by progressing through the Fight Pass!

PeBenintohis awesome Battle Pass together with the Fight Twist, a one time buy which does not just unlocks the new Fight Pass but the subsequent 30 Fight Pass Degrees so that you can begin playing the Stellar Guardian Io, Stellar Sentinel Inara, also Stellar Sorceress Imani right off!

Immediate Unlocks (Exclusive to Fight PaPassesurchasers)


Reticle Change over Goal

  • The colour of the revehicleill no more change when you’re aiming at an enemy at non-training matches.
  • Mixer Khan pursuit was didisablednd eliminated by the Viewer Store. Players who have this skin will continue to have the ability to utilize it.

We are introducing a brand new waway,layers can unlock skins by simply enjoying Paladins! Beginning with the release of Radiant Stars, gamers using a connected Hi-Rez accounts will unlock a new currency named Bounty Coins by finishing daily quests. Bounty Coins can then be spent inside the Bounty Store — that will include a restricted amount of one skin which rotates every 72 hours.

Skins within the Bounty Store will be costly on one of 2 ways:

  • Growing Price
  • The Bounty Coin price of this skin is going to begin low, and as gamers buy the epidermis and the amount accessible goes down, the purchase price increases.
  • Decreasing Price
  • The Bounty Coin price of the skin will begin high, and every day that the cost will fall.

Bounty Coin Acquisition

  • Players will get 2 Bounty Coins for every little reward Daily Quest finished
  • Players will get 3 Bounty Coins for every Huge reward Daily Quest finished

Wish to Begin earning Bounty Money? Click the to join your Hi-Rez accounts and start earning with the launch of Colorful Stars!

  • Unlocked via Immediate Buy for 800 Crystals.
  • Also available from the Pirate’s Treasure Chest.

Accessible September 9th

Golden Skins:

  • Unlocked by attaining Mastery Level 50 as Buck
  • Unlocked by attaining Mastery Level 50 as Drogoz
  • Unlocked by hitting Mastery Level 50 as Sha Lin

All these Avatars and Sprays will become accessible through different community engagements throughout Patch 4 cycle.


  • Pirate


  • Fundamental Witch


  • Street Style Ash
  • Street Style Maeve
  • Street Style Ying
  • Street Style Skye
  • Omega Sha Lin
  • Omega Terminus
  • Omega Dredge
  • Omega Makoa
  • Omega Zhin
  • Omega Vivian
  • Omega Koga

Music Bundle

  • Street Pop


  • Summer Blossom
  • Future’s Protector
  • Squidly
  • Cluck’em
  • Lunar Altar

Immediate Purchase


  • 100 Gold


Accessible September 9th


  • 400 Crystals


  • Dutchman Makoa
  • Swashbuckler Barik
  • Pirates Treasure Io
  • Mermaid Ying
  • Shore Patrol Lian
  • Longboard Lex
  • Mernos Jenos

For Your Magistrate!

Accessible August 19th


  • 400 Crystals


  • Covert Ops Lex
  • Dark Lord Torvald
  • Reaver Viktor
  • FN-01 Erebos
  • Top Elf Lian
  • Mercenary Strix

Accessible September 30th


  • 300 Crystals


  • Knightmare Fernando
  • Day Walker Vivian
  • Omega Dredge
  • Omega Sha Lin
  • Abominable Terminus
  • Merrymaker Dredge
  • Street Style Ash
  • Street Style Maeve

Ranked Split 3

  • Perform 5 Ranked matches
  • Gold Chest
  • Perform 25 Ranked matches
  • All participant ranks are soft-reset for Split 3

Every divide, maps will be from the busy or booked map pool. Reserved maps won’t appear while playing rated during that divide. Every new divide will observe a few maps plotted between the busy and booked pools. For Divide 3, Shattered Desert and Wader’s Gate will be merged to the busy map pool, even whereas Serpent Beach and Ascension Peak will be rotating out.

Lively Maps

  • Bazaar
  • Ice Mines
  • Splitstone Quarry
  • Stone Keep
  • Jaguar Falls
  • Fish Industry
  • +Shattered Desert
  • Timber Mill
  • Frozen Guard
  • -Serpent Beach
  • -Ascension Peak


Developer Commentary

Our intent is to create targeted, purposeful changes to enhance the dynamic involving Service, Frontline, and Hitscan winners at higher levels of play. After viewing the Season 3 key words create and receiving comments from the AOC and Paladins Guru Circuit Players, we are expecting to address the following:

  • Power of Hitscan winners with powerful lifesteal choices.
  • Underwhelming power of off-tanks Which Were formerly able to apply additional pressure to Flank & Damage winners
  • Meta-defining character of Io & Luna
  • Price versus effectiveness lively of Master Riding and Resilience


Cards and on-hit consequences: Crossing most on-hit consequences to just apply after hitting players and Pets, instead of such as Decoys, Illusions, Deployables, and Shields. There are a number of exceptions based on planned use-cases for specific cards or abilities. By way of instance, cards pertaining to Drogoz’s Salvo will nevertheless have their effects implemented when hitting Shields.

Developer Commentary: Consistency in impact, where possible, is significant in making a familiar arrangement — one which makes sense to some participant who’s acquainted with how any mechanic impacts their gamespace — and those modifications are with that objective. Some will be noticeable (Deep Candles will no more string out of deployables such as Barik turret) and a few will not need to change in any way, but except for a very few exceptions, these consequences will currently be consistent across the board.


  • Master Riding
  • Price increased
    • 200 per lelevel 250er degree


    • Cost diminished

200 per lelevel 150er degree

Developer Commentary:” we would like to maintain the effect in-game of Master Riding, but believed that the simplicity by which a participant can get the merchandise is a little too much. Meanwhile, the potency of Resilience has been altered, but players found it cost-prohibitive when putting item loadouts. These price changes must help address these difficulties.

  • Champions:
  • Kinetic Burst
  • This capacity can now be toggled off and on
  • Chrono-Cannon
  • Higher damage per shooter 5050 56p–>
  • Exile
  • During activation:
  • You’re Immune to Crowd Control consequences
  • Reduced Movement Speed penalty 40 percent % 0/p>
  • Throughout Ultimate:
  • You’re Immune to Crowd Control consequences
  • Increased Ultimate rate speed by 20 percent
  • Aegis
  • Reduced the Cooldown of Shield with an Extra 2s
  • Vortex Grip
  • Reduced extra Stun length 2s 1.2s
  • Leviathan


  • NEW: Boost your final rate speed by 15% and your maximum Health by 500.
  • Increased the range where you deal full damage
  • Dredge Anchor
  • Additional a little grace period following sparking during which it Can’t be immediately canceled
  • Strongarm
  • 0.5s
  • Boost the potency of this Cooldown Loss 0.5|0.5s s 0.6.6s
  • Subservience
  • Effects go through walls
  • Gauntlet
  • Increased the range where you deal full damage

Dev Commentary: Torvald is a Champion which we’re planning to tackle over time at a stronger manner. This change is meant to boost his quality-of-life and can be a portion of the modifications we intend to execute as time continues.

  • Detonate
  • Boost your Reload Speed by 5percent }for 3s following using Detonate.
  • No more piles
  • Increased Reload Speed benefit 5|5 percent % 6percent
  • Bloodline
  • OLD: Heal to 50|50 following using Grace.
  • NEW: Create 1|1 Ammo following using Grace.


Resets the Cooldown of Withdraw after falling to or under 15|15 percent Health.


Profit 8|8% Lifesteal whilst utilizing Iron Sights.

Reduced Lifesteal 8|8 percent % 5percent

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