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patch made secret change to reboot vans Fortnite v14.00

 patch made secret change to reboot vans In Fortnite v14.00

 patch made secret change to reboot vans In Fortnite v14.00

Epic has once more delivered pretty significant changes without telling Fortnite players. They have buffed the cooldown between revives about the reboot vans scattered round the map, which is crucial from the trios contests this year.

Although this is good for many bug fixes, even when weapon worth or alternative cooldowns become changed, it may totally change the meta. The Fortnite devs have been able to do it again though following the v14.00 upgrade.

From the significant Season 4 upgrade, players have been caught up in the hype of Marvel skins, the legendary skills , the newest conflict pass, and much more. But, smaller gameplay changes were also created that may have a huge impact on play.

Reboot vans have allegedly had their own cooldown between revives halved in 120 minutes to 60 minutes.


That is obviously a massive buff in case you’ve got several participant cards that you will need to reboot. Less time spent in 1 place means you’ve got a greater prospect of living, particularly once you think about how hotly contested these regions are in trios occasions.

The enthusiast arrived at a little of a price. The devs eliminated Reboot Vans in Authority and Fortilla, meaning there is less areas to attempt to get back your allies up from. If the storm goes central, or right down into the South-East, then you might be left at a spot of trouble.

Regardless though, it is likely an total enthusiast. Losing two reboot vans may have you ever hamstrung from time to time, however there is still a dozen scattered round the map. Having the capability to perform two reboots now at precisely the exact same period as just one old one may certainly help you rotate simpler with all the time saved.

The shift does pose a larger problem though ⁠– Epic should inform players about those upgrades. This little detail may alter how you play the game hugely, and gamers will need to understand about it.


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