Patch Notes Update 1.06 For Warhammer Chaosbane

Update 1.06 Patch Notes For Warhammer Chaosbane

Patch Notes Update 1.06 For Warhammer Chaosbane

We’ve got the entire patch notes for this upgrade on May 28th.

Patch Notes Update 1.06 For Warhammer Chaosbane is currently available for download. There is also new material, optimizations and bug fixes.This upgrade adds the new Tower of Chaos mode.

Warhammer Chaosbane Patch Notes 1.06


  • **Relic Hunt and Boss Rush Rework** More options have been given to the participant, to choose the maps and modifiers they are interested in playingwith. You’ll receive far better loot based on what modifiers you select and will have the ability to custom-tune the challenge. Added the possibility to chain some skills through the use of other combat skills without disrupting animations
  • **New Mode Added — The Tower Of Chaos*** The Tower of Chaos is a new stadium in which you can test your skills in various battle challenges, the higher you climb, the greater quality loot you’ll get. After you clean each floor, you can decide whether to take the rewards and finish your trip here or push onward for better rewards.
  • Cosmetic menu added, letting you substitute the visuals of your equipment with other equipment you have
  • Inventory and the Stash can now be reorganized from the player using the mouse.
  • Left-click is now able to be reconfigured on the Mouse to make it exclusively for movement. New enemies have been added to Act 1: New Nurgle Cultists
  • Explosive Nurgling
  • Chaos Sorcerer
  • Aspiring Chaos Champion of Nurgle
  • Minotaur
  • Shaman Gor New enemies have been added to Act 3: Slaanesh Assassin Cultist
  • Chaos Sorcerer
  • Aspiring Chaos Champion of Slaanesh
  • Minotaur
  • Chaos Sorcerer
  • Shaman Gor New enemies have been added to Act 4: Apprentice Cultist of Tzeentch
  • Aspiring Chaos Champion of Tzeentch
  • Minotaur
  • Shaman Gor New enemies have been added into the Forges New Nurgle Cultist
  • Explosive Nurgling
  • Chaos Sorcerer* New Expedition Raid and Relic Hunting using a Chaos Troll as an Elite Boss for functions 1 to 4
  • Negative actions are now available from the forges


  • DoT spells are currently reinforced by normal leveling progression
  • God Tree values have been corrected
  • Act 2 / Quest 8 — Redaxe is now accompanied by Aspiring Chaos Champions
  • Act 3 / Quest 5 — Jabberslythe replaced by a Giant Chaos Spawn
  • Enemy distribution has been enhanced in all functions (especially Elites)
  • Constructed objects no longer count toward your inventory limitation
  • A brand new popup appears each time the hero gains a level


‘Defensive Strike’
All versions * Block Chance increased 0.5 -> 2

  • Damage reduction on cubes -> two
    Base Collision radius improved 20 -> 23
    Collision radius increased 20 -> 25
  • Stamina profit increased on Strike 1 -> 2
  • Added Slow Chance -> 20 percent
    Mastered * Collision radius increased 20 -> 27
  • Additional a chance of gaining a Counter-Attack charge -> 20%
    All Versions * Initial collision radius decreased 30 -> 20
  • Slow chance decreased 100% -> 50 percent
  • Slow length decreased 3s -> 2s
  • Additional a Block Chance debuff -> -50%
  • Additional a Critical Strike Chance bonus -> 50 percent of the Block Chance stat
    Superior * Knockback rate decreased 100% -> 50%
  • Knockback distance decreased 300 -> 200
    Mastered * Debuff added (damage taken raised | non-cumulative | 5 seconds) on all enemies touched -> +20percent
  • elimination of the cooldown reduction for each kill.
  • Stun duration increased: 1.5s -> 2s
  • Added Fire damage to enemies having less than 25% of the maximum life. -> 1
    Vintage * Projectile max range increased: 10 -> 15
  • Damage reduced: 3.6 -> 2.6
  • Stun rate reduced: 100% -> 30%
    Superior* Projectile max range raised 10 -> 20
  • Damage reduced 3.96 -> 2.96
  • Knockback and Stun prices increased: 20% -> 30%
  • Damage bonus removed on Slowed enemies
    Mastered* Projectile max range increased: 10 -> 12
  • Damage decreased: 4.36 -> 3.36
    ‘Incisive Breakthrough’
    Superior* Energy gain enhanced: 4 -> 5
  • Energy gain on hit increased 1 -# 2
  • Damage obtained bonus reduced -20percent -> -10percent .Breath of Fire
    All versions Now works correctly on slopes (like stairs)
    Gear Skill’Breath of flame replaced by Scepter of Ice’
    All versions
    Now works correctly on slopes (such as staircase )


    • ‘Heart Seeker’ Axe — Increases all damage inflicted, the effect is much more powerful for DoTs
    • ‘Ultimate Carnage’ Axe — Increases all damage inflicted (300%up from 200), increased damage taken (20 percent, up from 10), critical success speed decreased by 20 percent
    • ‘Last Song’ Set — Fresh impact added which increases energy production and motion speed dependent on the amount of nearby enemies afflicted with a bleed effect
    • ‘Mountain’s Wrath’ Superior and Mastered icons are changed
    • ‘Laceration’ tooltips are upgraded
    • ‘Insatiable’ — Each hit inflicts a synergistic impact on the enemy. Life point regeneration has been removed
    • ‘Ultimate Carnage’ — Damage multiplayer increased (300 percent, up from 200). Additional Critical Attack Rate decrease (-20percent ), Damage obtained multiplayer increased (+20 percent, up from 10)
    • ‘Avenger’ Establish Skill — Additional movement speed and energy regen bonus if neighboring enemies are bleeding
    • ‘Unyielding’ — Added missing tooltip
    • ‘Axe Twist’ — All models pass through enemies


    • Basic skill rate has been improved
    • Trap Collision has been resolved


      All variations

    • Number of collisions reduced 3 -# 1
    • harm improved -> x3
      Mastered * AoE harm increased: 30% -> 50%
      Additional Skills
    • ‘Experimental Mines’ – Energy expenditure and damage increased

      Bug Fixes

    • Fixed an issue where icons would appear smaller at the
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