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Path of Exile Patch Notes 3.11.1c Update 1.55

Path of Exile Patch Notes 3.11.1c Update 1.55

Path of Exile Patch Notes 3.11.1c Update 1.55

Grinding Gear Games launched a new upgrade for Course of Exile today. We’ve got all of the information regarding the upgrade on July 17th.

The download size onto the PS4 is 361MB. The upgrade only contains bug fixes and optimizations for your Harvest Update.

PS4 Particular

  • Fixed a bug which prevents straps from being enchanted from the Eternal Labyrinth of Possible.


  • Additional a bigger Storage Tank that could be made through Harvest Crafting.
  • Additional slots into the Seed Stockpile that will hold Buds, Flowers and Blossoms.
  • Now you can auto-plant while Harvest Crafting remains offered.
  • Clarified the descriptions of the way to increase (and regrow) that the Core of the Grove.
  • Fixed a bug in which the”Sacrifice a Corrupted Gem to obtain xpercent of the stone’s caliber as Gemcutter’s Prisms” will yield a heap of Gemcutter’s Prisms using a stack size .
  • Fixed a bug preventing bewitching of a Map (using Harvest crafting) in case it had Delirium employed to it.

This may be disabled to stop impacts much like that found from the Veritania, The Redeemer encounter area.

  • All Vault doorways now are automatically opened at a Blighted Vault Map.
  • The departure from Vaal Oversoul’s stadium now unlocks considerably earlier.
  • Upgraded the sound of this Miracle Map Device.
  • Increased the default quantity of sound effects in the Elder experience.
  • Fixed a bug where obstructing a hammer didn’t necessarily rely as having been summoned to the interest of a few”have been struck Lately” modifiers.
  • Fixed a bug in which Sirus, Awakener of Worlds could dismount his throne when there was a deceased person underneath it.
  • Fixed a bug in which Metamorphs could fail to take any action if they had been stunned before having obtained an action.
  • Fixed a bug in which the Mineshaft which Niko drills can coexist with other Azurite Mine encounter structures.
  • Fixed a bug in which Betrayal Fortification experiences were not able to spawn in the Desert Map.
  • Fixed a bug in which skeletons summoned from the Bringer of Bones nemesis modifier were constantly flat 4.
  • Fixed a bug in which creatures could spawn in an inaccessible place in the Chateau Map.
  • Fixed a bug in which the departure from the Lava Chamber boss stadium did not lock during battle with Fire and Fury.
  • Fixed a bug in which the Insatiable Malice Weapon Effect Wasn’t attached to the proper part of this Demonic Weapon cosmetic.
  • Fixed a bug in which Labyrinth rotating cubes did not have shadows.


Abilities & Passives Fixes

  • The very initial tide from Sunder is currently marginally closer to the participant to correct a situation where quite close goals were not being struck.
  • Additional a bigger visual into the air given by The Torrent’s Reclamation belt that is unique.
  • Upgraded the sound of Crystal Earthquake Impact and Demonic Earthquake Impact.
  • Added music to wineries whenever they attach to critters.
  • Fixed a bug in which the Master of Metal ascendancy passive wouldn’t necessarily grant additional Physical Damage.
  • Fixed a bug in which Glimmerwood Sunder did not play music for waves past the very first when supported by Fist of War Support.
  • Decreased the brightness of the following consequences: Celestial Herald Impact, Crystal Earthquake Impact, Dragon Fireball Impact, Huntsman Aura Impact, Pandemonium Portal Impact, Ringmaster Weapon Impact, Sentinel Portal Impact and Thaumaturgy Wings.
  • Fixed two case crashes.
  • Fixed an example crash that could happen in the Labyrinth.
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