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Predator Hunting Grounds Patch Notes Update 1.10

Predator Hunting Grounds Patch Notes Update 1.10

Predator Hunting Grounds Patch Notes Update 1.10

IllFonic have launched a new upgrade for Predator: Hunting Grounds. We’ve got the entire changelog for this upgrade on June 12.

The Predator: Hunting Grounds Update 1.10 can now be downloaded and set up for PS4 and PC. The precise size of this download isn’t known to us, but it is going to change based upon the stage.

With this upgrade the utmost level is increased to 150, you will find fresh unlockable Predator and makeup. Learn what in the area notes under

  • Free Update
    • Improved max amount to 150
    • New unlockable Predator – Elder Predator (At Flat 150)
    • New unlockable makeup (Total list at conclusion of Patch Notes)
    • Hammerhead currently unlockable by leveling up
    • Dutch’s Knife today unlockable by leveling up
  • General
    • Smoke Grenades now seem in low and moderate video configurations
    • Fixed a problem in which the perk loadout could be wrong at the reception
    • Fixed a problem where the Predator’s hand could occasionally be from the Fireteams confront from the Main Menu
    • Fixed a problem where the chopper was lost throughout the Fireteam escaped outro cinematic on Backwater
  • Fireteam
    • General
      • Additional reinforcement assignment timer to Fireteam HUD
      • Fixed a bug in which Fireteam members Wouldn’t perish from stealth kills whenever they possess the OWLF perk equipped
      • Cannot open the weapon wheel when exchanging weapons together with all the weapon crates
      • Fixed a problem where Fireteam members would be Not Able to interact with the Identical thing twice in a row till they seem away from the thing
      • Fixed a problem where Fireteam members continue to possess standing collision boxes whenever they are downed
      • Fixed a problem that caused the cartoon to not play correctly when junk throwing grenades
    • Weapons
      • S-R3D
        • Fixed a problem where Fireteam members could A-pose when the participant could equip the S-R3D in certain places
  • Predator
    • General
      • The Predator will no more be marked from multiplying when they’re completely invisible and have not been damaged lately
      • Reduced length which spotting marks predators
      • Predator’s jump hammer can now destroy foliage
      • Reduced jump slam damage through roofs and walls
      • The Predator is no more capable to change weapons during mid jump
      • Fixed a bug that caused the Predator to occasionally get trapped in Predkour manner
      • Fixed a problem where automobile aim has been influenced by gamers supporting the Predator
      • Fixed a bug in which financing from this customization menu for Predator weapon shaders would fetch you to the incorrect menu
      • Fixed a bug in which the Predator Mask could sometimes be overlooking the luminous eyes
      • Fixed a bug in which the Predator would occasionally not enter second end if murdered by an explosive barrel
    • Weapons
      • Smart Disc
        • Fixed a bug in which Host Fireteam members Can see a cloaked Predator following the Predator Requires a Smart Disc
  • Lvl 100 Platinum Card tints for Predator
  • Lvl 150 Gold tints for Predator
  • Lvl 10 Particular Fireteam Weapon skins
  • Internet Gun Obsidian Tint
  • War Club Obsidian Tint
  • Hand Held Plasma Caster Obsidian Tint
  • Smart Disc Obsidian Tint
  • Elder Blade Obsidian Tint
  • Yautja Bow Obsidian Tint
  • Combistick Obsidian Tint
  • Crimson Scout Armor Tint
  • Crimson Hunter Armor Tint
  • Red Berserker Armor Tint
  • Sage Scout Armor Tint
  • Sage Hunter Armor Tint
  • Sage Berserker Armor Tint
  • Stalker – Dutch’s Knife
  • Butcher – Dutch’s Knife
  • Rival – Dutch’s Knife
  • JunkYardDog Skin Care – Hammerhead
  • Drip Skin Care – Hammerhead
  • Monarch Skin – Hammerhead
  • Blue Viper Skin Care – 2XL
  • Blue Viper Skin Care – Z-06
  • Blue Viper Skin Care – DJL-33
  • Blue Viper Skin Care – SAWZ-50
  • Blue Viper Skin Care – 1011-12
  • Blue Viper Skin Care – PDW-Z
  • Blue Viper Skin Care – D34-D
  • Blue Viper Skin Care – Grim19
  • Blue Viper Skin Care – G-ROW
  • Blue Viper Skin Care – RP-103
  • Blue Viper Skin Care – KR-55
  • Blue Viper Skin Care – AR-W
  • Blue Viper Skin Care – 7EN
  • Blue Viper Skin Care – CS-12
  • Blue Viper Skin Care – GOSL-R
  • Blue Viper Skin Care – S-R3D
  • Blue Viper Skin Care – XDB-12
  • Blue Viper Skin Care – QR-4
  • Blue Viper Skin Care – ABR-Z
  • Skin Skin Care – HammerHead
  • Tan Skin Care – HammerHead
  • Blue Skin Care – Hammerhead
  • Brown Skin – Hammerhead
  • Gray Skin – Hammerhead
  • Woodland Skin – Hammerhead
  • Desert Skin – Hammerhead
  • Green Tiger Skin – Hammerhead
  • Sandstorm Skin – Hammerhead
  • Digital Skin Skin Care – Hammerhead
  • Green Shatter Skin Care – Hammerhead
  • Red Tiger Skin – Hammerhead
  • Charcoal Skin Care – Hammerhead
  • Blue Viper Skin Care – Hammerhead
  • Green Hexagon Skin Care – Hammerhead
  • Silver Skin Care – Hammerhead
  • Golden Skin – Hammerhead
  • Viridian Skin – Hammerhead
  • Aurora Skin Care – Hammerhead
  • Fireteam Assault”Digital Camo” Camo Tint
  • Fireteam Recon”Digital Camo” Camo Tint
  • Fireteam Service”Digital Camo” Camo Tint
  • Fireteam Scout”Digital Camo” Camo Tint
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