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Predator Hunting Grounds Patch Notes Update 1.13

Predator Hunting Grounds Patch Notes Update 1.13

Predator Hunting Grounds Patch Notes Update 1.13

We’ve got the entire changelog for this upgrade on June 30.

You need to download about 2,5 GB. The size of this download might fluctuate based upon the stage.

  • General
    • Mission pick count down timer will currently just launch once all players are packed to the lobby
    • Added a pointer into the weapon wheel to make surfing the weapon wheel simpler
    • Added a limitation to participant inputs throughout minigames (like breaking loose from the Internet Gun ensnare effect)
  • FireteamPredator
    • General
      • Improved the slow percent on goals hit from the Predator’s melee strikes
      • Fixed a problem where the Predator would occasionally mount a nearby tree when attempting to interact with a goal
      • Fixed a problem in which the Predator, while ingesting a boar, managed to Try to mount a nearby shrub
      • Fixed a problem where certain loadouts can cause the participant to load with wrong weapons
    • Weapons
      • Alpha Sickle
        • Lowered Damage
      • Combi Stick
        • Fixed a problem where Fireteam members might occasionally see the Combi Stick floating in the atmosphere rather than in which the Combi Stick is really situated
      • War Club
        • Additional a disorienting status impact
        • Final strike at the War Club’s combo is currently unparriable
      • Smart Disc
        • Fixed a bug that caused the Smart Disc HUD and FOV consequences to Stay on the display when the Predator threw the Smart Disc as the match finished
        • Fixed a bug in which remembering the Smart Disc will conceal the UI component which shows the Predator which They’re hidden before the Predator recloaks
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