Predator Hunting Grounds Patch Notes Update 2.01

Predator Hunting Grounds Patch Notes Update 2.01

Predator Hunting Grounds Patch Notes Update 2.01

Illfonic now published the first portion of Patch 2.0 for Predator: Hunting Grounds. We’ve got the entire changelog for this upgrade on August 27.

The Predator: Hunting Grounds Update 2.01 can now be downloaded and set up for all platforms. You need to download about 1,77 GB, how big this download might fluctuate based upon the stage.

With the current Update brand new features and choices are added, in addition, there are optimizations and bug fixes (such as the Predator and the Fireteam).


  • Implemented PlayGo to Permit playing with this tutorial when downloading the rest of the sport
  • Perks and Gear which Can’t Be equipped as a Result of weight/point limitations are currently greyed out
  • Added the Choice to report a participant throughout the After Action Report
  • Additional hints and tricks to loading displays
  • Fixed a problem where particular destructible items Weren’t showing correctly
  • Fixed a problem where the minimap Wouldn’t accurately display the Appropriate self destruction radius and assignment search area location
  • Fixed some difficulties with minimap icon dimensions
  • Fixed a problem where the minimap might not correctly display the correct place of this participant
  • Fixed a problem where assignment icons Wouldn’t show on the minimap when from scope
  • Fixed some highlight colour inconsistencies from the customization menu
  • Fixed a problem where the menu could sometimes become stuck somewhat translucent
  • Fixed a rare issue with matchmaking when linking to a server
  • Different crash fixes and stability enhancements


  • General
    • [NEW] Last Person Standing
      • Currently, the final Fireteam participant will input a Last Man Standing country, which will buff the participant’s stats and give them more of a fighting chance. This may last as long as they’re the last standing participant. While influenced by Last Man Standing, the past Fireteam player may even have increased body warmth vulnerability to the Predator participant.
    • Improved Fireteam harm obtained from AI
    • The spotting celebrity’s color is currently based on the participant’s callsign colours
    • Remote interactions today reveal progress correctly
    • Spotting icons today apparent when the seen item is drained
    • Lowered harm reduction from equipping a pistol Suppressor
    • Fixed a problem where the Fireteam run cartoon Wasn’t playing correctly while holding a Health Kit
    • Fixed a problem where distinct Fireteam courses were receiving marginally different amounts of harm from Various harm resources
  • Weapons



    • Multitasker
      • Increased ADS movement rate
      • Increased price
    • Flesh Ripper
      • Enriched Damage from AI
      • Increased price
    • Sludge Blood
      • Enriched time until you bleed
    • Powerful
      • Reduced price
    • Persistent
      • Reduced price
    • Action Hero
      • Enriched price
    • Prepper
      • Reduced price
    • Thick Skin
      • Improved wellbeing
      • Increased price
    • Dexterous
      • Enriched price
    • Dual time
      • Increased motion rate
      • Increased price
    • Pig In Shit
      • Reduced price
    • Yautjas Bane
      • Enriched damage to Yautja
    • Tracker
      • Increased place time
      • Increased price
    • Ice Cold
      • Increased decrease of thermal body temperature
    • Body Piercing
      • Increased harm reduction from AI
      • Increased price
    • OWLF Encourages
      • Increased harm decrease from Predator
    • Weapons Coaching
      • Enriched reduction of Allergic
      • Increased price
    • Silent
      • Enriched reduction of noise bubble dimension
      • Reduced price
    • Sixth Sense
      • Enriched price
    • Iron Lungs
      • Increased Stamina bonus
      • Reduced price


  • General
    • Produced improvements to stop Predkour transition volumes from obstructing projectiles
    • Fixed a problem that caused the Predator to mechanically assert downed enemies
    • Fixed a problem that caused some loadouts to load with 2 Plasma Casters
    • Fixed a problem where the Predator’s weapon would occasionally seem invisible or not entirely outfitted to customers
    • Fixed a problem where the Predator’s gaze may occasionally not play if they’re supporting the player
    • Fixed a problem that restricted the City Hunter to the roar alternative about the mimicry wheel.
    • Updated City Hunter roar and recovery roar audio results.
  • Weapons
    • Combistick
      • Fixed weapon shaders for the City Hunter Combistick Variant
    • Wrist Blades
      • Fixed an issue where the City Hunter Wrist Blades Weren’t showing properly during long claim cinematics
    • Smart Disc
      • Fixed an issue where if the City Hunter Smart Disc was stuck in an object, the player would become stuck in ADS mode
      • Fixed an issue where the Smart Disc Wasn’t showing up on the City Hunter’s holster
    • Yautja Bow
      • Lowered headshot damage
    • War Club
      • Increased damage of final melee swing
    • Hand Held Plasma Caster
      • Reduced fire rate
      • Increased recoil
      • Adjusted camera shake
    • Net Gun
      • Increased recoil
      • Adjusted camera shake
  • Gear
    • Bear Traps
      • Bear Traps are now destructible before being activated
      • Reduced visibility of Bear Trap proximity field
      • Increased the Quantity of Bear Traps that the Predator has equipped at the start of the match
  • Perks
    • Clotted
      • Increased extended blood trail intervals
    • Energy Cell
      • Increased energy reserves
      • Increased cost
    • Large Pouch
      • Increased cost
    • Resourceful
      • Increased bonus XP
    • Light Bender
      • Reduced cost
    • Medic
      • Increased heal speed
    • Large Pouch
      • Increased amount of uses for gear items
    • Down Range
      • Increased cost
    • Spectral Awareness
      • Increased sound bubble size
      • Increased cost
    • Dithered Lens
      • Increased laser visibility reduction
      • Reduced cost
    • Cooling Syncs
      • Reduced perk cost
    • Long Jump
      • Increased leap distances
    • Height Advantage
      • Increased damage reduction
    • Impatient
      • Increased cooldown reduction of Second Wind
      • Increased cost
    • Hanging On
      • Increased duration of Second Wind
    • Observant
      • Increased cost
    • Adrenal Boost
      • Increased bonus to stamina and exhaustion recovery
      • Increased cost
    • Protection
      • Increased mask damage reduction
      • Reduced cost
    • Trapper
      • Increased trap difficulty
    • Ascender
      • Increased Predkour mounting speed
    • Heated
      • Reduced cost
    • Fast Hands
      • Enriched weapon/gear swap speed
      • Increased cost
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