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Predator Hunting Grounds Patch Notes Update 2.05

Predator Hunting Grounds Patch Notes Update 2.05

Predator Hunting Grounds Patch Notes Update 2.05

IllFonic have launched a new upgrade for Predator: Hunting Grounds. We’ve got the entire changelog for this upgrade on September 29.

You need to download about 4,4 GB, how big this download might fluctuate based upon the stage.

The upgrade also contains a fresh Map, fresh Mode Clash plus a few bug fixes and optimizations.

This map features the jungle –however will induce the two the Fireteam and Predator to believe vertically and spatially because they chased through an elaborate multi-level cave program.
Clash is your greatest 4v4 PVP that places players in an all-out, no-holds-barred war. Lasting about fifteen minutes, two Fireteams will spawn on among those four Predator: Hunting Grounds maps using a single aim:to catch a place prior to another catch area spawns. While every team struggles out to maintain territory, every stage enemy and gained murdered fills up your group’s Predator meter. Once satisfied, the Predator style is unlocked and a single individual in your team will develop into the aliens.

  • [FREE] Mercenary (’87) weapon is currently unlockable for many players in Level 90
  • Brand New Unlockable Cosmetics Given under


  • Improved loadouts from 6 to 12
  • Fixed melee weapon icons being stretched sometimes.
  • Fixed a problem where inputs may occasionally not work correctly in the weapon personalization display
  • Boars spawns now prioritize being nearer to the Predator
  • Fixed a problem where the D-pad would become unresponsive when hovering across personal tutorial or match and creating a celebration
  • Improved d-pad icons for greater readability
  • Added sound stinger for when linking to a game
  • Crossplay accounts may now invite buddies when to the”awaiting gamers” display
  • Fixed a bug in which host blades at the dot in the System assignment could be ruined without breaking up the server door
  • Fixed various bugs with assignment interactables and ecological harm resources
  • Fixed crash issues together with all the medical construction sunroof at Backwater
  • Fixed multiple exploitive places, stuck stains, and places prone to accidental clipping, during all channels
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the match to occasionally crash



    • Fixed a problem where the participant could be maintained while standing up out of itself revive
    • Fixed first person animations not consistently playing when zoomed in using a range
    • Fixed FT melee icons being shrunken down on customization displays
    • Fixed a problem where the Fireteam would occasionally not have a backpack
    • Increased quantity cured from Medical Assistants which appear through the map
    • Fixed up inconsistency with effect sounds for the neighborhood participant
  • Weapons
    • General
      • Fixed weapon stat calculations on customization display
    • 2XL
      • Decreased harm
    • AR-W
      • Enriched ammo resupply from guerrilla ammo drops
    • QR-4
      • Enriched extended magazine ammo capability
  • Gear
    • U.A.V. Scanner
      • Fixed not being able to muddy up after utilizing the U.A.V. Scanner
      • Fixed sprint animation when holding the U.A.V. Scanner
      • Fixed weapon choice not being consistent following utilizing the U.A.V. Scanner
      • U.A.V. scan no more stains Predator blood paths
    • self-evident Syrette
      • Reduced Price
    • Medical Bundle
      • Reduced recovery amount
  • Courses
    • Assault
      • Fixed attack using two default outfits
  • Perks
    • Body Armor:
      • Reduced price
    • Iron Lungs
      • Increased price
    • Dual Timing
      • Reduced movement speed bonus
    • Flesh Ripper
      • Reduced price
    • Multitasker
      • Increased motion rate bonus
    • Weapons Coaching
      • Increased pressure reduction.
    • Quiet
      • diminished price.
    • Gearhead
      • Reduced price

Fixed a problem where Quick Release sped up the reload animation but didn’t resupply the clip replicas any sooner.


  • General
  • Kills that happen from self destructing will now rely properly as kills and also provide rewards
  • Predator will currently hold their main weapon in customization displays with distinct idle cartoons
  • Cloaked Predators have decreased visibility when viewed in a longer space
  • Fixed a problem where weapon choice hotkeys not working for Predator when utilizing KBM
  • Fixed a problem where the Fireteam head maybe not necessarily disappearing in long argue cinematics
  • Fixed a problem where Predator turning getting wonky in customization displays
  • Adjusted medical construction (Backwater) sunroof button therefore Predator can utilize it
  • Adjusted predkour trees to enhance branch mounting and connections from the floor, throughout all channels
  • Fixed a problem where Predator melee weapons would occasionally not reach world objects (like health packs)
  • Enriched Predator melee lock
  • Weapons
  • Smart Disc
  • Tints now use to controlled smart disk, not only the one that you’re holding
  • Enhanced foundation flight rate.
  • Increased increase flight rate.
  • Increased growth length.
  • Reduced yield rate.
  • War Club
  • Increased damage of this next hit at the combo
  • Plasma Caster
  • Enriched AoE radius
  • Alpha Sickle
  • Enriched damage
  • Gear
  • Fixed a problem where armed forces that are armed would occasionally seem as disarmed
  • Perks
  • Observant
  • diminished price.
  • Fast Hands
  • Decreased price.
  • Medic
  • Enriched price.
  • Courses
  • Samurai
  • Increased immunity to fireteam melee strikes
  • Increased melee damage
  • Reduced endurance regen speed whilst melee attacking
  • Increased endurance regen speed
  • Increased endurance
  • Scout
  • Increased Energy.
  • Increased endurance regen speed whilst melee attacking.
  • Reduced wellbeing.
  • Increased endurance.
  • Improved melee damage.
  • Improved rate.
  • Elder
  • Increased bonus points.
  • Improved energy.
  • Reduced endurance.
  • Increased wellbeing.
  • Berserker
  • Reduced immunity to fireteam melee strikes.
  • Reduced endurance regen speed whilst melee attacking.
  • Increased endurance.
  • Improved melee damage.
  • Increased endurance regen rate.

New Unlockable Cosmetics
Fireteam Weapon Skins
Hazard Skin – 1011-12
Hazard Skin – 2XL
Hazard Skin – Grim Tech 19
Hazard Skin – ZR-55
Hazard Skin – 7-06
Hazard Skin – PDW-Z
Hazard Skin – CS-12
Hazard Skin – XDB-12
Hazard Skin – DJL-33
Hazard Skin – AR-W
Hazard Skin – QR-4
Hazard Skin – GOSL-R
Hazard Skin – G-ROW
Hazard Skin – 7EN
Hazard Skin – SAWZ-50
Hazard Skin – ABR-Z
Hazard Skin – RP-103
Hazard Skin – S-R3D
Hazard Skin – D34-D
Hazard Skin – Mercenary (’87)
Hazard Skin – Hammerhead
Hazard Skin – O.W.L.F Pitbull

Mercenary (‘87) Weapon skins
Green Skin – Mercenary (’87)
Tan Skin – Mercenary (’87)
Blue Skin – Mercenary (’87)
Brown Skin – Mercenary (’87)
Gray Skin – Mercenary (’87)
Woodland Skin – Mercenary (’87)
Desert Skin – Mercenary (’87)
Green Tiger Skin – Mercenary (’87)
Sandstorm Skin – Mercenary (’87)
Digital Skin Skin – Mercenary (’87)
Green Shatter Skin – Mercenary (’87)
Red Tiger Skin – Mercenary (’87)
Charcoal Skin – Mercenary (’87)
Blue Viper Skin – Mercenary (’87)
Green Hexagon Skin – Mercenary (’87)
Silver Skin – Mercenary (’87)
Golden Skin – Mercenary (’87)
Viridian Skin – Mercenary (’87)
Aurora Skin – Mercenary (’87)
Playstation Skin – Mercenary (’87)
Epic Skin – Mercenary (’87)
Decoy Skin – Mercenary (’87)
Remedy Skin – Mercenary (’87)
Maim Skin – Mercenary (’87)
Coup Skin – Mercenary (’87)
Harm Skin – Mercenary (’87)
Ruin Skin – Mercenary (’87)

Fireteam Outfit Tints
Engage Camo Tint 13- Scout Outfits
Engage Camo Tint 13 – Recon Outfits
Engage Camo Tint 13- Assault Outfits
Engage Camo Tint 13 – Support Outfits
Engage Camo Tint 13 – Dutch’87
Engage Camp Tint 13 – Dutch

Predator Armor Tints
Armor Color Tint Paroxysm – Scout
Armor Color Tint Paroxysm – Hunter
Armor Color Tint Paroxysm – Berzerker
Armor Color Tint Paroxysm – JH87
Armor Color Tint Paroxysm – CH
Armor Color Tint Paroxysm – Alpha
Armor Color Tint Paroxysm – Samurai
Armor Color Tint Tyrant – Alpha
Armor Color Tint Warlord – Alpha
Armor Color Tint Tyrant – Samurai
Armor Color Tint Warlord – Samurai

Predator War Paint
Ire War Paint
Fury War Paint

Predator Skin Pattern Tints
Skin Pattern Mottle Ash – Scout
Skin Pattern Mottle Ash – Hunter
Skin Pattern Mottle Ash – Berserker
Skin Pattern Mottle Ash – Jungle Hunter
Skin Pattern Mottle Ash – City Hunter
Skin Pattern Mottle Ash- Alpha
Skin Pattern Mottle Ash- Elder
Skin Pattern Mottle Ash- Samurai
Skin Pattern Raptor Putrid – Scout
Skin Pattern Raptor Putrid – Hunter
Skin Pattern Raptor Putrid – Berserker
Skin Pattern Raptor Putrid – JH87
Skin Pattern Raptor Putrid – CH
Skin Pattern Raptor Putrid – Alpha
Skin Pattern Raptor Putrid – Elder
Skin Pattern Raptor Putrid – Samurai
Skin Pattern Shatter Bleak – Scout
Skin Pattern Shatter Bleak – Hunter
Skin Pattern Shatter Bleak – Berserker
Skin Pattern Shatter Bleak – JH87
Skin Pattern Shatter Bleak – CH
Skin Pattern Shatter Bleak – Alpha
Skin Pattern Shatter Bleak – Elder
Skin Pattern Shatter Bleak – Samurai
Skin Pattern Shatter Tsunami- Scout
Skin Pattern Shatter Tsunami- Hunter
Skin Pattern Shatter Tsunami- Berserker
Skin Pattern Shatter Tsunami- JH87
Skin Pattern Shatter Tsunami- CH
Skin Pattern Shatter Tsunami- Alphai
Skin Pattern Shatter Tsunami- Elder
Skin Pattern Shatter Tsunami- Samurai

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