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PUBG Anti-Cheat Initiative Announced

PUBG Anti-Cheat Initiative Announced

PUBG Anti-Cheat Initiative Announced

A PUBG anti-cheat initiative was declared with a focus on community participation to attack the longstanding matter.

PUBG Console Update 7.3 patch notes said an advancement on anti-cheat, introducing a brand new packet encryption to handle cheating. In this upgrade, the expectation was to eliminate or dramatically reduce using radar but additionally implement a new process of reporting and exposing gamers.


The PUBG anti-cheat community initiative will be part of the holistic strategy PUBG Corp happen to be having to handle cheating. This new initiative entails players using Discord for a way to report players to selected”community reporters” that will review the episode. Though there’ll be a new process of reporting, PUBG Corp conveys the present in-game reporting remains the most effective and best way. The new technique of reporting is simply supposed to assist PUBG Corp with individuals who slide through the first anti-cheat setup.

As of writing, the present DIscord channel needs players to enroll prior to being accepted to the station. This will run till July 14 and players will be permitted to report incidences of cheating on the Discord channel.

They’re seeking to additional update the new reporting system and also expect the”community reporters” that were selected by PUBG Corp, will be reasonable and beneficial.

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