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PUBG Patch Notes 8.1 Update 1.47

PUBG Patch Notes 8.1 Update 1.47

PUBG Patch Notes 8.1 Update 1.47

The PUBG Corp. has released the appropriate upgrade, below you can get the whole patch notes for upgrade 8.1

The size of this download isn’t known to us in the present time. With Update 8.1 there are lots of alterations and brand new content, for example Sanhok Remaster — Return to Sanhok.

The principal characteristic of upgrade 8.1 is obviously Sanhok, that was reworked from the ground up to look better, function better, and offer more balanced gameplay. We desired Sanhok to feel like a forgotten, overgrown heaven whilst covering some of the most glaring equilibrium issues we have seen during the past few years. We are delighted with what we have developed and hope you’re as well. Continue reading below for a few snippets about what we’ve shifted in a number of the island’s more notable places.


Bootcamp was completely reworked. We wanted to maintain this a sexy fall place, while enhancing the sense and aggressive battle in the region. There’s loads of line of sight for long range engagements but also plenty of pay for players to progress on competitions. There are underground places for competitive close quarters combat also. In general, we believe that the changes have improved the risk versus reward gameplay players need from a popular fall, while giving everybody more choices to best approach different scenarios.


The older model of Quarry was a beloved, nevertheless incredibly imbalanced experience. We have done a great deal of work here in order to create this exceptional place entertaining and fair for people who find themselves inside. The stone blocks are larger to provide better protect out of opponents with the large ground and we have added some dangerous rope bridges to give players more choices for crossing without needing to go around or through. Overall, Quarry should currently be a purposeful destination for gamers that need long firefights and non-conventional engagements.

Airfield (Formerly Mongnai)

We have replaced the farm place in the Northeast using a fresh Airfield. The plantation never really got the attention that we had been expecting it would, so we’ve added several incentives for gamers to fall on this region of the island. Here is the only location you can find it on Sanhok, so catch a gasoline can and take to the heavens!

Getaway (Formerly Docks)

The older docks were fun but were low from the loot section, particularly for a fall that far off. Our replacement is your Getaway, a loot packed hotel city made to separate tourists from their money. Just do not let it distract you from why you are there.


While the arrangement of this Ruins itself was always hotly contested, the regions surrounding it posed a serious disadvantage for anybody walking outside without the appropriate gear. We have reworked this region to earn destroys the massive labyrinthine, and mortal destination it ought to be, with lots of loot for people ready to raid its own treasures.


The mountainous place in Sanhok surely result in topographical diversity, however if it came to real gameplay consequences, there were a range of problems here. Gamers caught up here using the blue zone coming were left with few alternatives, among which was leaping and hoping for the best- a couple of you’ve likely been there. Another is that the right up large floor advantage with little to no counterplay for people captured under. With these ideas in mind, we have added pathways to achieve this, including some flanking alternatives for the group using the large ground to shield against.


We have redesigned the Cave to possess the fiction we had always wanted it to possess. It’s still possible to get your excitement through the most bizarre vertical pool fall in PUBG, but currently there’s a trendy underground temple waiting for one to research, in case you survive the fall.


Our primary aim with the River was supposed to give players more choices to traverse it. Original Sanhok had hardly any places to cross diving into the water, so we’ve added bridges for crossing, added pay some present bridges, and much more pay on river banks must firefights open up .

All these cities have received any reworking, including verticality, intriguing things to research new techniques to combat, and above all, good places to combat on the new Loot Truck as it moves through every city. Sometimes, the modifications are small, like simply widening the street so the truck may pass to larger reworks to make more interesting ways to combat.


Even though a cool area, Bhan was a pain to loot. We have removed Bhan and substituted it with a regular set of homes so that we may concentrate on utilizing those tools for unique locations everywhere. As a result of more simplified and comfortable building design, this region should now be much more defensible position to loot and restrain.

The Loot Truck is a brand-new feature that provides players yet another, albeit risky, way to gear up. Trucks spawn in one of many garages round the island and push along streets, enticing players to strike them. Because these trucks take harm, they will shed some loot and continue on their way. Players persistent sufficient to ruin the truck is going to probably be rewarded with the even larger cache of weapons and equipment to you and your group. Be cautious when attacking these rolling up behemoths, though- that they could take a good deal of harm and doing this will surely draw a little attention.

  • As much as four Loot trucks have been spawned at the onset of the match.
  • Every truck has been recorded separately interior of one the distinctive garages scattered around the map.
  • When a truck has been ruined, new truck is going to be spawned in the garage.
  • Total number of 8 loot trucks could be spawned in one match.
  • Loot truck could be ruined and ruined with weapons/throwables
  • But, the loot truck requires diminished damage because of the heavy armour.
  • As loot truck eliminates harm, it is going to begin to fall lootable little or massive containers.
    • Dropped containers could be looted.
  • Once the truck’s durability reaches 0 percent, the truck will burst and provide excess to big amount of greatest loot including potential exclusive weapon loot.
    • Exclusive firearms are weapons using a pre-applied epidermis with a special name.Loot trucks are just spawned in ordinary games during 8.1 upgrade!

      Balance upgrade

      Remastered Sanhok will comprise largely comparable thing spawns in comparison to previous version of Sanhok.

      • But, the Panzerfaust has been added to world trigger loot.


Other Alterations

  • As a result of movie of’Getaway’ (formerly Docks), Docks map is currently eliminated from TDM map choice.
  • Upgraded Sanhok will be accessible on both Normal/Ranked games in addition to in Custom matches.
    • Old Sanhok will undoubtedly be no more accessible in all game modes.

Adjusted the Fade effect of these bluezone walls to seem more natural.

Survivor Pass: Payback allows you to earn almost 100 new skins as you research the remastered island of Sanhok. Total special assignments to unlock special weapon skins and face paints. We have also raised the XP you may make through playing and living up to 7200 XP daily by simply enjoying the game!

After 3 assignment tabs were deleted in the survivor pass.

  • Changes in Season assignments
  • Following the upgrade, unlike earlier, all assignments will be opened instead of waiting for every assignment to be opened each month
  • Total all 4 Kinds of Sanhok related assignments to make complete 4 distinct weapon skins
  • All these are tough missions based on the subject’Survival’
  • They’re composed of complete 16 missions capable of making 4 make-up things
      • Now gamers will have the ability to obtain more XP proportional to this time lived in normal/ranked match.

Players may make approx. 600XP per 1 hour of regular gameplay and max 7200 XP daily.

  • Gas Could Improvements

The Gas May improvements, which have been postponed from upgrade 7.2, are back with a few modifications!

  • Changes from 7.2 patch
          • Spilled fuel was too simple to be seen making difficult for gamers to produce ambushes.
          • Spilled fuel has become blend better with the surroundings which makes it hard to spot.
          • Fuel today splatter in bigger areas/puddles so that after its own lit, it fires like the molotov’s fire pit.
          • We’ve diminished the amount of gasoline cans and improved the spawn period at the practice mode
        • now you can equip Gas Cans from the melee weapon .
        • Press”assault” to pour gas on the floor. It takes about 7 minutes to drain the can.
          • Fire offers the identical damage for a molotov, but burns more (~20 minutes ).
          • Spilled gas disappears in approximately 3.5 minutes.
        • You might also throw the Gas Cans precisely the exact same manner as melee weapons (aim, then press assault ), making it to discharge some fuel upon landing, which makes it much easier to ignite and explode.
          • Jerry Cans can’t be picked up or reused after being chucked, but could still burst.
        • Changes to Jerry May explosions:
          • Prices less first harm.
          • Now places the nearby place on flame just like a molotov, dealing damage over time.Additional parachute follow to assist teammates land collectively.

            This attribute was removed after its inclusion in Update 6.2 because of some technical problems that have been solved.

            • Throughout the pre-match countdown, follow UI is going to be displayed at the bottom left of this display.
            • You are still able to pick a teammate to followup before leaving the airplane.
            • After choosing a teammate to followalong with you are able to cancel on the map display, or by simply pressing the cancel button(PS4: O / Xbox & Stadia: B) while at the airplane, while actively after a participant on your parachute.

If you are blocked by an item, your follow will probably be cancelled.

The purpose behind this attribute to make the parachuting procedure more suitable in teamplay scenarios. Parachuting is an ability to learn in and out of itself, and every now and then, you frequently encounter teammates that do not understand where or how to property. Many times you needed to observe teammates get hauled in the first phases of the game since they landed only too far out of their teammates. Together with the parachute following attribute, players can simply opt for a teammate to trace and securely land around where they perform. Super suitable for moving on these quick toilet breaks during drops also.


A brand new Ranked Season has started. Ranked Benefits for Season 7 will soon be dispersed to players soon after launch into the new year.

  • Vikendi was inserted into the Ranked map pool.
    • You’ll be randomly matched in one of these channels: Erangel/Miramar/Vikendi/Sanhok.
    • We’ve corrected the map ratio together with the accession of Vikendi.
  • Player positions have been flashed
    • players will probably receive their first rank after 5 positioning matches.
    • MMR has been soft-reset, which means that your first Season 8 positioning is going to be affected by your own Season 7 position.
  • Leaderboards happen to be flashed
  • Team placements
    • RP(Ranked Point) obtained based on gamers functionality is going to need to account for Team positioning instead of individual positioning
      • When a participant leaves a game although teammates are still living, positioning points will be calculated depending on the team positioning at the moment once the participant leaves the game.
  • When the participant decides to remain with the teammates and the group wins the chicken dinner, then the participant’s positioning point will be regarded as 1st location.
  • Bonus kill points
    • After killing an enemy player whose position is greater than 5 branches, (ex. Silver 5 murdering Gold 5 player) participant will have the ability to make a bonus RP.
      • The larger the difference in ranking tiers, the bonus RP allowed to gamers.
      • Killing a high rated player will give bonus BP RP.
  • RP Growing rate adjustment
    • so as to get players get to the rank best fitting their abilities, we’ve corrected the RP increase rate 50 percent higher.
  • The minimal Survival Mastery degree to take part in Ranked Mode has been raised to level 40 (formerly level 20).

Ranked mode ruleset upgrade

With Vikendi linking the Ranked, general update was made into the rated mode rule collection.

Vikendi is currently playable in Ranked manner.

Vikendi’s bluezone was adjusted appropriately to match Ranked style.

Vikendi’s redzone was eliminated just as with other channels in Ranked manner.


Little quantity of M249 is currently spawned on earth

DBS is currently spawned on earth

Mosin-Nagant is currently spawned in Erangel/Vikendi.

Little quantity of crossbow has become spawn on the planet.


Vehicles have become spawned on the Esports fixed spawn places

But in Ranked manner, automobile will probably be not spawned in’100 percent’ possibility.

Motorglider has become spawned in Ranked.

Motorglider is simply recorded in Erangel/Miramar.

Motorglider will possess little quantity of gas prepared from the tank.

BRDM-2 was too overpowered in rated mode compared to our expectations.

Season 7 is coming to a close, and we want to thank all players that participated and played in the first season of Ranked Mode. The initial season was a little experiment for us since we didn’t understand how launching two new temptations to the match would influence general matchmaking, and the way our community could take into them. It is apparent from our data that a sizable majority of our gamers favor Ranked-TPP. This coupled with the dearth of Ranked-FPP games being made during the entirety of this season, we’ll be shutting the Ranked-FPP lineup with Season 8.

With your comments and suggestions, we are making a few other modifications to the Ranked rules that are comprehensive in those patch notes. We hope you like this second season of Ranked, we look forward to hearing your ideas on each the changes!

Survival Mastery
  • Maximum quantity of Survival predominate exp accessible per game is currently placed to 1500XP.
  • Optimized the unneeded procedure during opening and final UI like maps and inventory to enhance hitching
  • Desynchronized the way the game heaps icons at the stock to enhancing hitching through transit loading procedure.
  • The sport today preloads bluezone until the match begins so that no longer hitching happens while loading a bluezone when game begins
  • Optimized the bodily celebrities (items ) to improve CPU performance.
  • Fixed a problem with Dynamic Resolution to Enhance framerate stability.

Footstep noise redesign and remaster

So as to provide better noises, following advancements has been created

For additional details of the enhancements, please consult with the new letter intended for release together with a test host upgrade!

  • Quality & specifics of the audio resource itself continues to be enhanced.
  • Quality update to footstep sounds through space.
  • Minimized the noise difference between bare foot and using a shoe armed.In-game HUD Development
    • Improved the increase icon so that gamers can visually differentiate the two distinct phases of conducting increase.
    • New caption was added to the main menu Shop tab to notify brand new products.
    • Unified the kind of the drop-down menu and enhanced for more clear comprehension on management procedure =
    • Improved the fashion of toll suggestions to be consistent.

    Emote preview attribute

Additional Irish speech

  • Today PUBG formally supports Irish. Brendan Greene is Irish, BTW (won’t be supplied on PTS, will probably be accessible from the 8.1 Live server upgrade.)You can now easily’Team Up’ with different players that you have met in ordinary, rated matches!
    • In game result display of the two normal and rated games, now you can utilize the Team Up button to make a group.
    • In the event of premade teams, just the group’s server can trigger the Team Up button.
    • Death camera will be still accessible after pressing on the Team Up button.
    • When Team Up is powerful, new team is going to be redirected into the game lobby display after 5 minutes
    • When there aren’t any other players left from the game result display, player will not have the ability to trigger Team Up.

    Buddy list improvement

    • Buddy list is currently updated in real time
    New Skin & Things

    Accessible from August 5th

  • Ghillie suits will probably predominate on earth.
  • 4-man squads will struggle on Erangel.
  • First Safe Zone will form round the centre of the map.
  • You may begin the game with a single preset loadout.

Loot objects and ammo after landing and also reveal what you are made from! Additionally, we are creating new game settings so don’t miss out! But, it was not encouraged on the console. While listening to some comments and suggestions, we’ve opted to take out the C4 as most of you believed it was not acceptable for the manner.

  • Gameplay
  • Fixed the problem in which footstep sounds weren’t played
  • Fixed the quiet footstep sound played certain floor kinds in big apartment construction, Erangel.
  • Fixed the problem where melee weapons teleport when pitched within a car
  • Fixed the awkward movement of No.2 player persona when pressing on ready.
  • Fixed a problem where DBNO character moves always from different players’ standpoint.
  • Fixed a problem where BP calculation malfunctioned in people games with Bots involved.
  • Fixed a problem where if a participant enters ADS using 4x scope armed and moves down it, a portion of the reticle blinks.
  • Fixed a matter of if reloading AR/DMR and shifting into a secondary weapon back as a key weapon, the reload animation doesn’t play and allows the participant to shoot immediately.
  • Fixed a solid issue of different gamers’ footstep sounds being louder than your player.
  • Fixed a visual dilemma of knees not revealing on a feminine character when Festive trousers and Jockey boots are outfitted collectively.
  • Fixed a problem where the shooting footstep noise is played yet another time in the remote participant’s view when vaulting or ledge grabbing.
  • Fixed a matter of this camera perspective miss-locating when you alter your throwing position in FPP on a running train whilst appearing contrary to the way the train is moving.
  • Fixed a problem where the map server observer attribute didn’t work on Sanhok, Miramar and Vikendi on Custom game, E-sports style.


  • Repairing the flying section of this race track in coaching map.
  • Fixed the problem with particular object becoming undetectable when using scopes in the practice style
  • Fixed the problem where players can land on specific stage in mid-air
  • Fixed the problem in which windows at Cement Factory construction wouldn’t brake when gamers vault.
  • Fixed a solid issue in Erangel flats where if you’re situated at another flooring, quantity of different gamers’ footsteps on concrete is noticeably smaller than footsteps on timber.
  • Fixed a problem on Miramar in which footstep sounds aren’t heard always when performing particular measures.


  • Fixed the overly narrow scroll bar found in the shop menu
  • Fixed the bogus preview display exhibited in personalize tab when previewing thing boxes that are still available
  • Fixed the unneeded punishment pop-up message displayed in rated manner after spectating the gamers killer participant
  • Fixed the problem where players were led to incorrect menu display
  • Fixed the incorrect season name exhibited at the Career menu
  • Fixed the problem where celebrating participant’s weapon UI isn’t correctly displayed.
  • Fixed the problem of if you see a participant’s gamer card in the custom match lobby, the amount of players were observable in the wealthy presence.
  • Fixed a problem the passing cam is not played and proceeded to reception even once you press on the passing camera button in the results page.
  • Fixed a matter of this participant Card 3D modeling not being exhibited by the Mastery Tab.
  • Fixed an problem of loot glow/pulse influence not rescuing taste.
  • Fixed a problem where the title of this PCS1-M416 skin is exhibited as M16A4 once the game speech is set to Russian.
  • Fixed a problem where the’Survival Level Too Low’ UI styling does not match the layout.
  • Fixed a problem where the profile picture of the Xbox participant in the recently played list is a default picture.

Skin Care & Item

  • Fixed the problem in which a part of Tenebres AKM weapon skin staying the weapon after shifting to other skin kind.
  • Fixed the problem of PEL 2019 Stage 3 thing exhibited as other thing
  • Fixed the clipping problem with Important Trouble costume using a personality.

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