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PUBG Player Shows Why the C4 is a Blessing and a Curse

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PUBG Player Shows Why the C4 is a Blessing and a Curse

PUBG’s C4 is a somewhat interesting addition, but such as each thing in the game, it could be broken in some specific scenarios. PUBG has made the C4 do harm to enemy and allies gamers equally in a somewhat wide radius. And to make things worse, it will damage through buildings.

During the majority of the game, it is a fantastic improvement and enables gamers to enjoy a well-made volatile. It targets vehicles nicely and is enjoyable to use in construction struggles, but it is terrible for end-game situations.


Redditor HEEROMYMAN revealed how strong the volatile can be from the end-game. Throughout the previous ring, two players were up against a single enemy player and chose to attempt and finish it with a positive C4 rather than a cure off. They move to throw the C4 within the ledge, but rather land it directly in front of them. They operate up to as they could and begin to heal. The C4 explodes, knocking among those allies but fortunately, it rips the previous enemy player also, giving them the win.

As you can see, that the C4’s array is broken up from the last circles, but in contrast to cure offs, I’d rather favor the boom.

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