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PUBG Release on Next Gen Console

PUBG Release on Next Gen Console

PUBG Release on Next Gen Console

As we approach the launching season of Sony and Microsoft’s latest installments in the console war, the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, players are beginning to wonder whether their favorite names will make the cut. Backward compatibility hasn’t been in the forefront of almost any company’s minds, after all.

Here’s what we can inform you concerning PUBG coming to another generation consoles.

Can PUBG Release on Next Gen Console?

The soft answer to this query is”yes.”


“. . .with the console generation, it is only going to help us maintain that PC experience, high fidelity graphics, amazing sound – it’s just better. I hate to sound cheesy, but I am excited to grow to the new consoles,” he stated,”It’s awesome because next-gen consoles let us push more stuff in.”

However, it appears the game will most plausibly only be patched to keep up with the evolving console hardware. Curd had no plans to launch a sequel to the game or re-release the match in the near future, according to the interview.

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