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PUBG Update 1.50 Patch Notes 8.2

PUBG Update 1.50 Patch Notes 8.2

PUBG Update 1.50 Patch Notes 8.2

The programmers of PUBG have finished and published a new upgrade. We’ll have all the information regarding this patch on August 27th.

The PUBG Update 1.50 is currently available for downloading, for many platforms.

The most recent weapon readily available in Battlegrounds Care Packages is your speedy shooting MG3 Light Machine Gun. With two distinct levels of flame, a bipod for equilibrium, tracer rounds that will assist you keep tabs on your spray, and enhanced weapon damage to vehicles, there is a new reason to fight over the large red box.

  • Spawns in Care Packages on all channels, in Regular Matches only.
    • Not available in Ranked Matches
  • The MG3 has two shooting modes which alter the fire speed involving 660 rpm and 990 rpm.
  • Tracer rounds have been fired every 5th around, in addition to for the last 10 bullets of every magazine, permitting you to understand that ammo is running low.
    • Tracer rounds can only be observed from the shooter.
    • MG3 does higher harm (x 1.25) when shooting in vehicles.
    • The MG3 includes a bipod attached, deploying mechanically when inclined to greatly enhance weapon equilibrium.Disorient your enemies and also protect your own moves using the newest Decoy Grenade. Accessible as world loot around Sanhok, the Decoy Grenade will create bogus firing sounds for approximately ten seconds after chucked, providing you a couple of minutes to create your move. The Decoy Grenade is a brand new throwable which reproduces gunshot sounds. Purposely designed to be utilized as a strategic thing to divert and outwit your competitors.
  • Available exclusively on Sanhok in Traditional Matches, as a rare universe spawn thing.
  • Unavailable in Ranked Mode.
  • Decoy grenades may be cooked to lessen their detonation time from their hand and therefore are thrown exactly as with other grenades.
  • Upon detonation, Decoy Grenades create random gunshot sounds for 10 minutes and eject shell casings to increase the guise of authentic gunfire.
  • Yells, they are not waterproof! Dropping into water will disable its consequences.
  • Decoy Grenades do not presently spawn in Training Mode.
  • Camera wobble of LMGs during likely continues to be decreased
  • there’s not been any real changes made to the weapons. But, players will have the ability to take LMGs in more stably because of camera shake that is reduced.
  • New harm multiplier to vehicles was upgraded to LMGs.
  • M416, SKS and Kar98k was remodeled from scratch into high degree of visual quality. Together with their visual upgrade, weapon seems of these weapons was overhauled to match the improved quality.
  • To offer you a little more context regarding the weapon noise changes contained in this upgrade, our aim was to boost the precision and high quality of the noises for your M416, SKS and Kar98k.
  • The Kar98k and SKS had their neighborhood and distant gunfire sound altered, this is equally the noise that you hear when shooting your weapon and if others flame theirs. For your M416, we’re pleased with the distant gunshot sound, but it was not quite recognizable as a M416 compared to local sound you would hear when shooting it yourself. Thus, we chose to fully update the neighborhood sound and depart the distant sound as is.
  • C4 was added to Care Packages on all channels, except Karakin.
  • MG3 was added to Care Packages on all channels.

The C4 and MG3 Aren’t accessible Ranked Mode.

  • Earth
  • Four docks have been inserted to Erangel.
  • Two docks have been added into present wharves, one at Novorepnoye along with another in Ferry Pier.

The southern shore of this Erangel mainland and Sosnovka Island also have had docks additional.

Earth update

  • All of destructible wooden shacks are replaced with concrete, indestructible shacks. That can be a temporary change because of a technical problem using destructible shacks.
  • Helmet Hide Function
  • Sometimes you only need to appear great for YOU. For those minutes, now you can toggle your helmet off to keep your default costume bits, even when you protect your noggin with a nice Level 3 helmet. This performance is purely decorative, and other players will still see you using a helmet on, but you will at least have the satisfaction of enjoying your poultry meal at complete Alex that the Dinosaur costume decoration.

If Helmet Hide is empowered, your hoodie, hat or other head covering will stay visible even if wearing a helmet.

  • To other gamers, you will nevertheless be seen sporting, equipping and interacting with your own helmet.
  • That is a neighborhood visual modification, only revealing for gamers that enable it. You can allow it from the Preferences, or by clicking on the alternative from the Inventory.
  • Equipable slots for both Head and Helmet are separated.
    • Equipping a helmet today will not automatically discard your jacket, or other decorative item from the mind slot.The subsequent performance improvements are made.
      • Increased font loading procedure to decrease match stuttering/hitching.
      • Optimized the procedure for loading character information to reduce cases of stuttering/hitching and ensure a stable framerate.
      • The thing table is now preloaded on the customer backend which contributes to things loading faster.
      • Enriched the match from hitching when loading a personality on the stock screen.
      • Gained useable memory via weapon noise audio related optimization

      Esports Tab — PCS Two

      The Esports Tab was upgraded to add PCS2 info and another Select em challenge! After the challenge unlocks, you can go over and make your predictions like before. Catch as many things as possible and pick up some of those excellent new PCS2 things! Esports Tab will probably be accessible from 8.2 live host upgrade to September 23rd!

      • 1st page
      • 2nd page
      • 3rd, 4th webpageAre available here.
      • Below the name, the name of this preliminary where team went through and also their final positioning is exhibited.
      • up-to-date standings using a per area breakdown (APAC, Asia, North America, and Europe)
      • Until the onset of the occasion, countdown into the very first game of every area is displayed.
      • Occasion page for your PCS2 Select’Em Challenge in which you can vote who you believe will take home the occasion success.
      • All details are available here on the way best to take advantage of a opportunity to unlock exclusive rewards. We will also be sharing Another statement with more information before this goes

    Want more information? Read the PCS two occasion announcement here.

    Stay tuned for one more statement on whatever you will need to learn about the Select’Em Challenge.

    For all PUBG Esports, head to pubgesports.com, or reach on the PCS2 emblem in the esports tab for a simple shortcut when you are wrestling.

    Desktop Music Choice

    Players searching for a little bit of nostalgia whenever they log in may now select their reception music! We have included a choice of topics dating from all of the way back to Historical accessibility for you to pick from. After all, there is no better way to get hyped to your Battlegrounds than simply by rocking your favourite songs!

    Select your Wallpaper Music beneath Settings.

    • Formerly used desktop music is currently available for choice.
  • Ranked Mode along with the Esports tab may comprise their very own exclusive BGM that can’t be changed.

Match Background

  • New Match History department was added into the Career tab
  • you may see your latest 20 matches.
    • Review game records from both Regular and Rated suits.
    • Records more than 30 days old cannot be looked at in detail.
  • Leaving a game early or disconnecting because of an error will stop that game from being listed on your Match History.
  • New dash text and art was added for loading display.
  • Added informational text was inserted on the map display.
  • Unified the design and place of buttons to enhance the visual experience.
    Improved intermittent title places on some displays.
    Layout of tags, badges, broad pop-up displays and drop-down menus continues to be enhanced /
  • You can now double click to equip/unequip an emote in the emote list.
    Drag & drop emotes from the emote wheel to modify slots or unequip emotes.
  • Enhanced system messages exhibited in the event of server maintenance, server overload, outside supplier authentication failure to be clear.
  • When bonus items are contained in collections, they are currently exhibited in the Bonus present section of their thing preview display.
  • Now set things are displayed on the personality whilst previewing an emote.
  • Hashtag attribute
  • Items will likely be filtered by every hashtag then exhibited on the items listing.
  • Thing preview
  • When a product is available, a label with the reduction rate will be shown on the upper left corner of this merchandise.
  • A product that’s been released over the previous seven days will find a”NEW” badge signal on the upper left corner.

Additional CPP Icons for every Platforms

  • Formerly, platform icons just showed”My system” and”Other stage”. Now we’ve additional platform icons for all 3 platforms to help differentiate which stage other players are playing .
  • The buddies list has experienced a visual and operational rework.
  • More detailed status of a buddy for example’On your staff’ is now exhibited
  • Friends tab now shows last on line state of offline participant on the buddies list
  • Player on the current tab now shows the purpose of time continue played
  • Invite
  • Currently participant can invite a participant already in a group
  • Accepting this invitation will make the player go from the present team into the team.
  • Follow buddies renamed to add/remove pals.
  • New system material for habit game
  • New message was added when gamers are kicked by game observers.
  • This is to definitely differentiate messages in circumstances where a participant was kicked from the server, versus being pumped for cheating or the other Rules of Conduct offence.
  • New Things
  • PCS Two
  • Silver and gold Plate M416 skins are all coming to the Shop!

Through time, we have released dozens of skins around the PUBG shop, just to have them show up again after the first purchase. Some gamers have been asking for one more chance at a number of these skins, so after some consideration, we have resolved to bring a few things back to the shop. We are starting off with all the Silver and Gold Plate M416 skins from a long time ago and will consider extra skins later on if those go . We hope this gives our players that are new, and those of you who missed the first time, yet another opportunity!

TBR Things


Intro of the Killer Clown Sets on PS4: PS4 players never had the Opportunity to get the Killer Clown Establish because it had been introduced prior to the launching on PS4. It’s finally here and it is yours to get.

Note: We’ve got free perks intended for Xbox gamers in October so please stay tuned!

Revenue Program


  • Now gamers have the ability to attach Charms to Sanhok 4 weapons.
  • Fixed the problem where you can turn the personality from the reception by following specific actions.
  • Fixed the stock error happen in some specific instances during TDM gameplay.
  • Fixed the match lobby typically exhibited in yellow color.
  • Fixed the problem where being not able to reach’Survive 15 minutes without experiencing any damage from the Blue Zone’ assignment in some specific scenarios.
  • Fixed the problem in which sounds aren’t played together with the game hitching during TDM game play.
  • Fixed the problem being not able to turn the personality in the personalize -> emote section
  • Fixed a problem where the management of arrows stuck in figures was always exactly the same, irrespective of the character’s orientation.
  • Fixed the problem where Bot character spawning with DP-28 at Vikendi.
  • Fixed the configurations of this optics resetting to default reconnecting into the match.
  • Fixed the bug where players could leap vertically down in the airplane.
  • Fixed the cartoon for characters that are holding a panzerfaust and on fire.
  • Fixed the problem where players could see behind the shrub leaves in a few camera angle of rotation.
  • Fixed a problem where the bullets at a Kar98 could look beyond the room whilst reloading.
  • Fixed a problem where certain female hairstyles could seem incorrect whilst holding a spike trap.
  • Fixed a problem where the jerry can would vanish from a character’s hands if this character were on fire.
  • Fixed a problem where the autumn animation could seem incorrect if the character had been holding c4.
  • Fixed the cartoon for shifting to some weapon in the panzerfaust while at the prone position.
  • Enriched the cartoon for shedding a panzerfaust following usage.
  • Fixed a problem where the player character can be not correctly synced(e.g. dead body standing upright).
  • Fixed a matter of this trajectory of goal moves downward when you’re finished preparing to throw C4 at FPP.
  • Fixed a matter of this stage image (around ) on the deadline along with the desktop (the black region ) aren’t found properly.
  • Fixed a matter of Woodland Ghillie Suit clips through the car roof.
  • Fixed a problem where the struck zone-based damage reduction wasn’t implemented on the UAZ (closed top).
  • Fixed a problem when ADSing Julie’s Kar98k outfitted with a 4x scope looted by ruining Loot Truck, the reticle seems exactly the same as if adsing a 5.56millimeter gun armed with a 4x scope.
  • Fixed a problem where the suppressor of Lunchmeat’s AKM, among those exceptional weapons of Sanhok will not do the job correctly.
  • Fixed a problem where the transferring bluezone isn’t in sync with the true bluezone.
  • Fixed a problem where throwables were usable within the plane in Warmode.
  • Fixed a problem where cancelling the reload of MG3/M249 has been potential.
  • Fixed a problem where the player character’s cartoon isn’t correctly displayed.
  • Fixed a problem where the’SCAR-L”s skin feel has been displayed improperly.


  • Fixed Loot truck drifting around precisely the exact same location close to the bridge south of Camp Alpha
  • Fixed the problem where player could clip into an item and die by falling in some place of Erangel.
  • Fixed the personality vibration up and down when standing on a certain rock item in Erangel.
  • Fixed a petroleum reservoir drifting in the atmosphere located on a specific bridge of Erangel.
  • Fixed the problem in which a participant wasn’t able to cross a particular railing of a structure.
  • Fixed the problem where players can vault over a ceiling in certain underground areas of Karakin.
  • Fixed a problem where spawned items weren’t visible to gamers.
  • Fixed a problem where things are recorded under the train at the Port region of Vikendi.
  • Fixed a problem where the participant could be stuck at the floor close to the Ruins place in Sanhok.
  • Fixed a problem where the crash is missing on the floor of this bridge near Cave at Sanhok.


  • Fixed the problem in which the text’Motor glider’ has been exhibited in system series in the past game display.
  • Fixed the problem in which esport vehicles added to the rated mode being exhibited in system series in the past game display.
  • Fixed the problem in which the stock scroll bar wouldn’t go back to default place.
  • Fixed the problem in which a few rewards not being exhibited in rewards pop-up display when utilizing receive button.
  • Fixed the problem in which exit button input has been triggered twice when pressed within a product order display.
  • Fixed the problem where APAC, ASIA area title still being exhibited in English in Traditional Chinese speech choice.
  • Fixed the problem of the deadline UI not shown properly.
  • Fixed the strange displays in the PUBG ID display.
  • Fixed the problem of When trying to change throwable after eliminating security pin,”Inventory system malfunction: 3″ message appears.
  • Fixed a problem where volatile harm done to wheels wouldn’t upgrade the automobile UI.
  • Fixed an problem where menu has been displayed in English from the Esports PCS2 tab once changed to Simplified Chinese.
  • Fixed a problem where the you can rotate the player character in reception (Stadia keyboard/mouse just ).
  • Fixed a problem where it’s possible to see rated mode emblem over the personality from people manner and training mode after cancelling rated mode matchmaking.
  • Fixed a matter of additional space observable in PUBG ID Pose region.

Skin Care & Item

  • Fixed the problem in which personalities body getting transparent and using specific face skins in zombie style.
  • Fixed the problem in which personalities legs getting translucent when equipping Miramar Biker Jacket.
  • Fixed the problem where in-game stock icon not shown when arming’Rapture Squad Tactical Pants’.
  • Fixed the clipping dilemma when feminine personality arming TUANTUAN’s tank top product.
  • Fixed the Clipping issue every time a female persona equips Route Warrior Gloves, gets on bike and catches a weapon.
  • The trailer does not show when choosing the”Redzone” UAZ epidermis in Customize > Vehicles > UAZ.
  • Fixed a problem in Esports shop where multiple things can’t be bought.
  • Fixed a matter of this bottom area being trimmed when sporting’Rabbit Season Hoodie’ and’PGC 2019 Combat Pants’ in precisely the exact same moment.


  • Fixed a matter of particular Trophies not unlocking when successfully hitting a Particular landmark


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