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PvZ: Battle for Neighborville Patch Notes 1.11

PvZ: Battle for Neighborville Patch Notes 1.11

PvZ: Battle for Neighborville Patch Notes 1.11

The accountable developers of PopCap Games have ended and published a new update . Zombies: Fight Neighborville today. Below you can find the whole patch notes for this upgrade on July 28th.

The Plants Zombies: Fight for Neighborville Update 1.11 is currently available for downloading. The upgrade includes new attributes, balancing, bug fixes and enhancements.

Plants Zombies: Fight for Neighborville Update 1.11 Patch Notes

New Characteristics

  • Extra channel markers in Giddy Park to enhance navigation to points of attention.
  • New Weekly Events featuring playable horde personalities
  • Adding Personal Play; accessible through the Multiplayer Terminal


  • Revive
    • No more finishes Pea Suped or Space Force
    • No more finishes recovery if Super Savior update is outfitted
    • Plant visual indication now green not to get confused with Sunflower recovery
  • Update abbreviated Patch
    • Boost time before Overhealth begins to rust, 10->30


  • Spikeweed
    • Boost speed of damage so It’s easier to recognize if prey is ensnared
    • Reduce damage to cancel speed of damage from over
    • Reduce delay 2->1 sec
  • Grody Goop
    • Reduce first damage when getting poisonous, 45->40
    • Reduce length of toxic 15->13 sec
    • Hazardous component is removed on prey vanquish
  • Shogun Guard
    • Boost projectile final speed post haul, 420->500 m/s
    • Boost shield regen speed 10->12.5 health/sec
    • Reduce regen delay when trimming protect 2->1 sec
    • Reduce regen delay when defense is ruined 5-# 1 sec
    • Boost min health condition after shield Was ruined 12.5->25 wellness
  • Shuck Shot
    • Increase movement rate when shooting, rate multiplier 0.5->1.0
  • Husk Hop
    • Eliminate camera limitation for enhanced aiming
  • Upgrade Happy Feet
    • Repair issue with update not getting eliminated when jelqing
  • Spore Strike
    • Boost accuracy, 3.2->2.8
    • Boost air precision, added hop angle 3->1
  • Fung Fu
    • Repair issue with Fung Fu being triggered while at Shadow Sneak
  • AI
    • Repair issue with Night Cap with skills and weapon while at Shadow Sneak


  • Update Calibrated
    • Reduce corrosion time that update is busy, 0.075->0.5 per minute
    • Boost rate rate per harm occasion, 0.15->0.35


  • Blue Blazes
    • Correct projectile spawn location to better fit mouth place when shooting
    • Reduce how much motion impacts projectile rate, 0.35->0 percent
    • Reduce time until homing begins, 0.85-> 0.35 sec


Old text didn’t reflect the impact of Oak’s weapon.


  • Imp Blasters
    • Boost rate of flame 700->725 rpm
    • Boost precision in atmosphere, added jump dispersion 3->1.2
    • Reduce projectile speed post haul 200->150 m/s
    • Reduce precision when planning, dispersion multiplier 0.5->0.65
    • Reduce recoil when planning, recoil multiplier 1.0->0.85
    • Fix target insect which has been increasing speed of flame
  • Gravity Grenade
    • Fix gameplay impacts on sufferers lasting after vanquish
  • Mech Deploy
    • Repair issue with Imp not taking damage when calling in Mech
  • Brainium Basher 9001
    • Charge assault does not occur if captured at spikeweed
  • Heroic Fists
    • Repair issue with Alpha Better Shield canceling attack follow-through for every punch
  • Alpha Better Shield
    • Can trigger sprint whilst protect is up, eliminating need to reduce shield first
  • Update Speed tote
    • Update text to read”Heroic Fists punch quicker and Brainium Basher 9001 prices quicker by making a vanquish. Update can pile up to three occasions.” Old text didn’t reflect the impact of Legendary Upgrade.
  • Upgrade Extra Special
    • Repair issue with protect being missing article Super Ultra Ball when it had been utilized throughout ability
  • Funky Bouncer
    • Limit victims from utilizing sprint
  • Orbital Strike
    • Repair issue with enemy homing weapons not homing into the proper place


  • Upgrade Implementing Stress
    • Repair the Problem with display effects not getting removed when enemy has been vanquished


  • Steam Blaster
    • Reduce overall damage per burst 71->60, change damage from first burst to latter portion of burst
    • Reduce ammo 5->4


  • Co-Star
    • Repair issue with Goatify which makes Wizard not hook and get trapped in Co-Star manner making him invincible
  • Update Two-Headed Dragon
    • Repair issue with Wizard becoming trapped in Co-Star manner making him invincible
  • Wizard’s Upgrade Two-Headed Dragon is mended
  • Repairing Water at Turf takeover Resort
  • Performance developments to Resort TT + map has been set into playlist spinning
  • Mount Steep gnome button mended
  • Wizard invincibility mend
  • Wizard default gestures instant fix effort

Thorough Challenge tuning

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