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Rainbow 6 Siege Update 1.94 Patch Notes Y5S3.1

Rainbow 6 Siege Update 1.94 Patch Notes Y5S3.1

Rainbow 6 Siege Update 1.94 Patch Notes Y5S3.1

Today’s update comprises primarily a backlog of bug fixes in the TS which didn’t make it in time to the period upgrade.

In this update we’ll be eliminating the vote-to-kick attribute from Quick Match (vote-to-kick was formerly only accessible Quick Match.)

We have been tracking the usage of vote-to-kick for its very last seasons and have verified it is indeed an extremely abused characteristic used as a disturbance tool and that it’s regarded by many to be a nuisance stage in this playlist. Considering that it attracts more stress to Quick Match, we chose to flip it off.



  • FIXED — Operator protects will reverse in first person POV after swapping out the defense and doing a melee attack.
  • FIXED — Different problems with assets/props online maps.
  • FIXED — Different LOD problems on maps.
  • FIXED — Different minor caster style details.
  • FIXED — Different vault problems.



  • FIXED — Different vault problems on Chalet.
  • FIXED — Different drone crash issues on Chalet permitting drones to proceed OOB/OOW, or obstructing drones.
  • FIXED — Defuser can not be picked up when lost in certain places on Chalet after driving crash.
  • FIXED — Defuser can not be picked up if lost in a certain place on EXT Helipad Route of Chalet.
  • FIXED — Drones aren’t ruined when pitched OOB on Chalet.
  • FIXED — Problems with Secure Area style in 1F Fireplace Chalet.
  • FIXED — Operator will go OOB by pushing wreck in EXT Helipad Path of Chalet.
  • FIXED — gamers can not vault down to Backyard staircase on Chalet.
  • FIXED — The table at B Wine Cellar of Chalet can not be ruined by explosives.ZERO
  • FIXED — Inconsistent replication to get Zero’s Piercing Camera for gamers that have reconnected into the match
  • FIXED — multiple harm stickers from Zero’s camera once deployed on particular surfaces.
  • FIXED — Zero’s Piercing Camera may be deployed multiple times at precisely the exact same spot.




  • FIXED — Scopes are held nearer to Nokk’s face when likely when her HEL remains busy.
  • FIXED — In habit matches, replicate pings can happen when changing sides.
  • FIXED — Different problems lost in-game voice chat performance.
  • FIXED — Different problems with voice conversation.
  • FIXED — Various small bugs in PvE.
  • FIXED — Different UI/HUD Problems.
  • FIXED — Different visual cosmetic/shop problems.
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