Rainbow Six Siege Patch Notes Update 5.2.2

Rainbow Six Siege Patch Notes Update 5.2.2

Rainbow Six Siege Patch Notes Update 5.2.2

Ubisoft has launched the patch notes to another Rainbow Six Siege upgrade. We’ve got the comprehensive info about upgrade Y5S2.2.

Rainbow Six Siege Update 5.2.2 is going to be published shortly for the PC version. Consoles Players will need to wait till they get these fixes. All content from PC Update 5.2.2 will simply be released to your consoles using Update 5.2.3.

The moment we have information, we’ll report back to you.

The Reporting Panel is becoming an update! Building upon the previous addition of reporting classes to enhance the granularity of in-game reports, we have added a brand new player-reporting panel. This new panel will supply you with additional info on every kind of coverage class so that you may make an educated choice about which record type best matches the circumstance. More precise reports from you and other players, so means we could make sure we are handing out the right sanctions to players who deserve it.

Access the Report options through the Player Profile Panel. Each account type has a description that will assist you opt for the most appropriate record type. When the report is created, you will be given a confirmation message which we obtained the report. Players can only be reported once a game per participant.




  • FIXED — Gadget doesn’t necessarily correctly deploy whether the button has been released right before conclusion.



  • FIXED — Different cutting problems on maps.
  • FIXED — Different visual feel problems on maps.
  • FIXED — Different problems with vegetation .
  • FIXED — Echo’s Yokai can conceal in certain areas on Bank because of missing crash with map resources.
  • FIXED — Uneven flooring in Coastline.
  • FIXED — Defenders aren’t discovered as being’External’ when from the window frame of 2F Control Room on Theme Park.
  • FIXED — A few lower segments of walls that are soft on Kafe can behave as surfaces that are slippery.
  • FIXED — Unbreakable signal in 1F Office Hallway of all Bank.
  • FIXED — Gadgets can be set up in from reach regions in 2F Control Room on Theme Park.
  • FIXED — Defuser can not be picked up after being dumped from the fountain in EXT Fountain on Villa.
  • FIXED — Ace’s SELMA will get stuck onto the cabinet of 1F Kitchen Oregon and be unrecoverable.
  • FIXED — Attackers could be spawn murdered from EXT Warehouse on Cluhouse.
  • FIXED — Gadgets may be deployed in from reach regions in 2F Money Space on Clubhouse.
  • FIXED — Attackers could be spawn murdered at EXT Warehouse.
  • FIXED — Drones can clip throughout the furniture in 3F Toilet on Yacht.
  • FIXED — Different visual decorative problems.
  • FIXED — Different cosmetic clipping problems.
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