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Rainbow Six Siege Update 5.2.1 Patch Notes 1.88

Rainbow Six Siege Update 5.2.1 Patch Notes 1.88

Rainbow Six Siege Update 5.2.1 Patch Notes 1.88

Ubisoft has announced another upgrade for Rainbow Six Siege, and also the patch notes also have been released so.

The moment the Rainbow Six Siege Patch 1.88 will be still live, we’ll update this report.


  • Lowered the playground by roughly 33%.
  • Reduced maximum range penalty radius from 6m to 4m (vary where punishment rises from 25% to 50 percent the nearer you get into the gadget)
  • Reduced crucial Range penalty radius from 3m to 2m (vary where punishment is 50 percent ) See diagram below for the way Banshee’s penalty ranges operate.
  • Lowered the noise of this Banshee impact in first person POV.


  • Explosion harm can’t pass through walls that are reinforced and ruin delicate gadgets on the opposite side once you put Hibana’s X-Kairos and Ace’s SELMA around the ground.



  • FIXED — Inconsistent runout detection timer intended detection could occasionally take more than 2s. (Now should always take 2s to find ).
  • FIXED — The reload cartoon of this K1A resets if animation is disrupted when creating a complete reload.MELUSI


  • FIXED — Yokai can occasionally see on the rooftops/second flooring when attached to narrow ceilings.
  • FIXED — Different cutting and lively cutting edge issues on maps.
  • FIXED — Different LOD/visual problems on maps.



  • FIXED — Operators could be killed/damaged by burst damage via a strong wall at 2F Meeting Room on Consulate after initial coating of flooring is ruined.


  • FIXED — Lighting difficulty in 1F Little Tower Office of Oregon which makes it difficult to observe operators when likely in a darkened corner.
  • FIXED — Pixel glimpse from 2F Dorm Hall at Oregon.
  • FIXED — Gadgets may be deployed within the baskets in 1F Kitchen of Oregon and function.



  • FIXED — Telephones stay floating following being put on barrels which are later destroyed in B Wine Cellar of Chalet.
  • FIXED — gamers can view into Chalet in the Particular place in EXT Front Yard.


  • FIXED — Safe area corner of 2F Bedroom in Clubhouse doesn’t properly cover the whole room.


  • FIXED — gamers can drop in a decorative greenery kettle, in the gazebo near EXT Main Entrance on Coastline.
  • FIXED — Operators can go more on little ledges/surfaces, permitting them access to regions which aren’t meant to be available. (Sorry).
  • FIXED — gamers can get along with this chandelier in 2F Dragon Stairs of Theme Park (sorry again).
  • FIXED — gamers can reach the roof of Theme Park out of 2F Upper Arcade.
  • FIXED — Operators can set out of gadgets around the wall at 2F Control Room of Theme Park after vaulting on the Control Panel.
  • FIXED — Different visual/cosmetic fixes.
  • FIXED — Gray attachment skin triggers Optic arenas to be imperceptible in ADS
  • FIXED — Pastel Engine weapon skin triggers part of this Para–308 iron sights to evaporate while at ADS.
  • FIXED — Dynamic Play button doesn’t divert to the Discovery playlist after utilizing the Discovery Playlist.
  • FIXED — players who finished the previous year in Champions, the Champion badge within their rated menu profile erroneously shows #1 rather than the real closing Champions position.
  • FIXED — RFF emblem disappears if you reboot into Uplay after tripping RFF (observable only, RFF remains busy ).
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