Rainbow Six Siege Update 1.86 Rolled Out for Exploit Fix

Rainbow Six Siege Update Rolled Out for Exploit Fix

Rainbow Six Siege Update Rolled Out for Exploit Fix 1.86

Annoyed at individuals using Clash at Rainbow Six Siege recently? Or perhaps you find that she is banned in the majority of matches which you play because there is an on-going harness for her? Now, Ubisoft has launched the Rainbow Six Siege upgrade 1.86 June 9 patch particularly to deal with Clash exploit consoles!

The two PS4 and Xbox One players should watch it now, because it was set up when maintenance was activate (which ought to be over currently given Ubisoft has stated it is just for 20 minutes).

Scheduled Maintenance

There’ll be a hotfix deployed now for the Clash tap console.


Those not knowledgeable about this Clash glitch, it is exactly the exact same as previously where she can take shield exploit, which can be kinda game-breaking.

Nevertheless, we’re keeping an eye out to the official Rainbow Six subreddit, also will update the article if more information is discovered about this Rainbow Six Siege upgrade 1.86 June 9 patch. Just like before, in case you see any modifications, share what they’re from the remarks below.

For people searching for the Operation Steel Wave material, that is still not occurring, as gameplay fixes and changes are still being analyzed on the Test Server on PC. You may want to check out both new Operators’ gadgets and abilities from this gameplay for today .

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