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Rainbow Six Siege Update Y5S3.2 Patch Notes Date Released

Rainbow Six Siege Update Y5S3.2 Patch Notes Date Released

Rainbow Six Siege Update Y5S3.2 Patch Notes Date Released

Ubisoft has released the patch notes to another Rainbow Six Siege upgrade. We’ve Got the Entire patch notes and also the date to your Y5S3.2 upgrade

There’s not any limitation for PS4 and Xbox One gamers yet. The consoles will just obtain the upgrade with Y5S3.3, which will also feature this upgrade.

About the PS4 this is going to probably be the Rainbow Six Siege Update 1.96 when there’s not any hotfix patch . Otherwise it’ll be a different version number.

Whenever the upgrade is available for your consoles, we’ll provide you the information!

R6S PC Patch Notes Y5S3.2BUG FIXES


  • FIXED — In case a deployable shield is set in a door, players are occasionally obstructed with the doorframe when seeking to vault over it.
  • FIXED — Yellow Pings Weren’t exhibited in Replay Mode.
  • FIXED — Just the initial Trax Stinger set up could be targeted at the Smart Ping attribute.
  • FIXED — Frost’s Welcome Mats becoming imperceptible when Frost was murdered under specific conditions.
  • FIXED — Spas-15 and Bearing-9 reload animations need to be entirely restarted while the reloading was disrupted.ZERO
    • FIXED — Missing or erroneous interaction prompts Zero’s Piercing Camera crosshair when planning at particular map assets/surfaces.
    • FIXED — After planning through translucent unbreakable glass, Zero’s Argus Launcher doesn’t detect a barrier.
    • FIXED — Zero’s Piercing Camera isn’t piercing through the destructible flooring on the carpeting in 2F Fitness Center of Clubhouse.
    • FIXED — The Argus Camera Retrieval SFX can be observed when deployed in an electrified wallsocket.
    • FIXED — The Argus Camera can occasionally pierce through additional gadgets on the opposing side of a wall socket.
    • FIXED — The Argus Camera Can’t pierce through the carpet in 1F Good Room.


    • FIXED — After influenced with a Breach Charge detonation, Clash’s Shield is automatically put on her spine.
    • FIXED — Rate penalty doesn’t slowly wane after being influenced by Clash’s CCE shield.
    • FIXED — Fix for a problem with weapon swapping when Clash’s CCE protector is set up.


    • FIXED — Missing autumn damage for Nomad if jumping/vaulting in an elevated place (hotfixed on PC on October 1st).


    • FIXED — Fuse SFX for Maximum Hard Breach gadget is overly long.
    • FIXED — Different LOD problems on maps.
    • FIXED — Different cutting problems on maps.


  • FIXED — Defenders could scan Attackers through trees and stones from EXT Campfire camera Chalet.
  • FIXED — Navigation problems because of stone crash in EXT Snowmobiles on Chalet.
  • FIXED — Drones can teleport in the shelf at B Storage space on Chalet by pushing crash.
  • FIXED — Low light in the wardrobe of 2F Master Bedroom of Chalet following breaking up the doorways.


  • FIXED — Throwable gadgets can be thrown through walls over specific windows on Border.



Past banwaves completed throughout the season weren’t visible because of a bug with all the ticker.

  • FIXED — In map prohibit stage, system constantly bans the map to the proper if you will find two routes left.
  • FIXED — Ensuring all channels are correctly randomized to appear at the map-ban stage.
  • FIXED — Crashes when utilizing Vulkan (hotfixed on PC on October 1st)
  • FIXED — Different shop/cosmetic troubles.
  • FIXED — Different HUD/UI Difficulties.
  • FIXED — Reload instantaneous still looks even when interface taste is disabled.
  • FIXED — Custom color landscapes weren’t implemented in Replay Mode.
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