Remnant From the Ashes Hotfix Patch Notes Update 1.20

Remnant From the Ashes Hotfix Patch Notes Update 1.20

Remnant From the Ashes Hotfix Patch Notes Update 1.20

Below are the complete aptch notes for this hotfix on September 15.

The Remnant: From the Ashes upgrade 1.20 is currently available for PC gamers (Steam & Epic). In the moment we don’t know if console players may download the client limitation. Maybe he will come somewhat later.

  • Life Steal is no more affected by Triage
  • DEVELOPER COMMENT: With the addition of the Siphoner attribute, we discovered that particular Life Steal things were gaining much too much benefit. We eliminated the interaction but we have also improved the baseline Life Steal on a few things to help balance them out.
  • Reworked the way Flop Damage is calculated
  • DEVELOPER COMMENT: Flop is no more affected by Unarmed Melee Damage mod as a portion of a rework of how Flop Damage is calculated. Together with the previous system it was hard to make Unarmed Melee Damage gear that generated an enjoyable to play with flop construct and balanced Unarmed construct in precisely the exact same moment. In reaction to this shift, Five Fingered Ring and Ring of those Unclean are rebalanced. Five Fingered Ring Was changed to open area for the Ring of this Unclean.

Corrosion Impact

  • Reduced absolute piles of Corrosion from 6 to 5 (25% complete debuff)
  • DEVELOPER COMMENT: After making adjustments to the way Corrision functioned, we discovered that it turned into a bit too simple to employ. We left the program mainly the same (RIP Hive Cannon Main ) but decreased the whole number of piles from 6 to 5.
  • Implemented a cure for Hard Deal to correctly activate
  • DEVELOPER COMMENT: Many wires have crossed.
  • Prevented Burden rings from appearing to corpses (still purchasable at seller )
  • DEVELOPER COMMENT: Since things auto-equip, players have been frequently getting penalized without realizing it. The rings are still accessible via sellers (when they appear. We probably should have done this for Warlord’s Armor too, but we did not… so be careful!


  • Fixed crash when socializing with a World Stone while armed with Undying Mod and Labyrinth Armor.
  • Upgraded performance Throughout the board.
  • Dozens of different bug fixes. It became somewhat powerful for how”easy” it was to wear (no true tradeoff). We believe a slight 3 percent alteration was fair to keep it consistent with different choices which have a requirement.
  • Increased Burning damage Scalar from 10 percent per degree 20 percent per weapon degree that implements it
  • Frozen damage scaling to function when proc’ed by summons
  • DEVELOPER COMMENT: A bit too feeble. Now it is somewhat better. Voila!

Ring of this Unclean

  • Changed to +100% incentive Unarmed Damage (200% complete ) and +300percent Flop Damage (400% complete )
  • DEVELOPER COMMENT: Adjustments made in accord with our newest Flop/Unarmed mathematics!
  • Changed to 25 percent Unarmed Melee, 25 percent Unarmed Crit Damage, 20 percent Crit Chance
  • DEVELOPER COMMENT: Adjustments made in accordance with our newest Flop/Unarmed mathematics!
  • Fixed a UI problem causing the incorrect data to be relayed into the UI
  • DEVELOPER COMMENT: Fundamentally, the UI would seem to split for health regen things when Restriction Cord has been worn.
  • Reduced Crit Damage bonus from 50 percent to 35 percent
  • DEVELOPER COMMENT: Is anybody surprised? This item was crazy. Now it is just”pretty mad!” .

Black Cat Ridge

  • Improved the invulnerability window from 0.5s to 1.5s
  • DEVELOPER COMMENT: Added an extra second of security. You can now really return to back strikes once it procs… but you get to security when it procs!
  • Additional new bonus of +10percent Ranged and Mod Damage when participant accumulates Scrap, Iron, or Ammo
  • DEVELOPER COMMENT: A pleasant touch to synergize with the Scavenger set. But you may even wear it with no armor collection. It is Your Choice. We do not control you! Live your own life!!!
  • Increased Crit Chance 10% to 15 percent
  • Increased Crit Damage from 20% to 25 percent.
  • DEVELOPER COMMENT: somewhat more powerful to make this a more attractive Amulet alternative.
  • Reduced proc opportunity from 6 percent to 5 percent
  • CHEEKY COMMENT: Who understood the 1 percent was powerful?!
  • Improved the Mod Power refund from 10 percent to 15 percent
  • DEVELOPER COMMENTWe raised this a little to make it more attractive. While not a huge change, it is definitely noticeable. Give it a go!

Burden of those Gambler

  • The”Burden” can no more be averted through Exploiter and Hangman’s Memento
  • DEVELOPER COMMENT: Only a bug fix.

Burden of those Follower

  • Improved the Fire Rate”Burden” by 25% to 35 percent

DEVELOPER COMMENT: To how strong Burden of the Follower’s main impact was, we believed that the”Burden” was not powerful enough, so we improved it. We feel that this ring is crazy strong.


  • Blood Pact Set Bonus: Increased length bonuses from 15/30/60percent to 30/60/100percent
  • DEVELOPER COMMENT: With the current reworks into Armors, we believed that Cultist was missing a bit because it did not raise damage and the maximum 60% length buff just was not sufficient to inspire players to put on it. At 100 percent, it offers a very tangible advantage, and also the 1pc and 2pc bonuses are more straightforward!


  • Opportunist Establish Bonus: Buff (from ideal dodging) is no more eliminated upon shooting damage
  • DEVELOPER COMMENT: You got the enthusiast. You need to keep it.


  • Deathwish Establish Bonus: Deathwish may no-longer kill participant (leaves participant at 1 HP)
  • Deathwish Establish Bonus: Decreased 3-PC harm lover from 40% to 35 percent
  • DEVELOPER COMMENT: Even though it is no more especially a”Deathwish”, it is somewhat more fair to gamers who frequently found themselves in situations where they no longer needed enemies to heal from. With passing off the desk, we decreased the harm fan somewhat to compensate.


  • Reduced heap removal on harm from 5 to 5 1
  • DEVELOPER COMMENT: Eliminating 5 piles at once felt somewhat too penalizing. This ought to produce the armor a little more viable and far more lenient.


  • Reduced pile elimination on harm from 5 to 5 1
  • Reworked fan timer to eliminate only 1 pile when timer expires rather than stacks
  • DEVELOPER COMMENT: Just Like Twisted, we reduce the penalty from being struck much. We also altered it stacks wear one at a time rather than all at one time. This ought to create Scavenger much more workable and far more attractive. Additionally, it seems really sweet!


  • Believer Establish Bonus: Adjusted buff behaviour when removing armor bits
  • DEVELOPER COMMENT: No performance adjustments… we just fixed a bug behind the scenes.
      • Fixed a problem that caused Cold Spear to show improperly when shifting it involving weapons


  • Upgraded text to reflect performance (no true performance change)
  • DEVELOPER COMMENT: Past text known to the weapon as having elevated recoil. We eliminated that text and added text which reflects the more silent behavior (in comparison to other weapons).
  • Main Fire no longer implements 1x Corrosion Stack
  • Hive Shot: Projectile (effect ) no longer implements 1x Corrosion Stack
  • Hive Shot: AOE now employs Corrosion in a faster rate
  • DEVELOPER COMMENT: Following the 2923 patch, the Hive Cannon became omnipresent in virtually every construct at the maximum degree. We wanted to market a little more variety, so we maintained its”theme” but decreased how simple it was to immediately use 6 piles (currently 5). This ought to make it more consistent with different weapons.

Tentacle Shot

  • Tentacle Shot: Increased the research regen per strike from 1.25 to 4.5 to compensate for reduction of Triage
  • DEVELOPER COMMENT: Since the Tentacles do not change place, we believed it would be appropriate when they rewarded more wellbeing for controlling a place. The increase was partly due to this Triage fix and partly because of only making it better complete.


  • Flamethrower: Fixed a bug causing Flame Puddles to cope wrong (much lower ) harm
  • DEVELOPER COMMENT: Flame Puddles were performing 5 harm foundation. They deal much more harm (as planned ). Give it a go!
  • Fusion Cannon: Decreased pre-fire delay from 0.6s to 0.35s
  • Fusion Cannon: Fixed a problem causing the beam to flame in erroneous instructions
  • DEVELOPER COMMENT: Formerly, the muzzle point would target towards the reticule. At close range that was creating the shooter goal more to the correct and upward so if you’d multiple enemies lined it up would just hit the enemy at front (not the enemies supporting since front enemy was yanking the trajectory into the right in an intense manner ). It now shoots from the rifle’s planning direction making it function at all spaces… you know, how we planned!


  • Vaccine
  • Trait Level 0 no more prevents you from receiving debuff build-up
  • DEVELOPER COMMENT: Simply fixing an supervision.


        • Wasteland Goodboy
        • Informed Wasteland (Really ) Goodboy in regards to the quantity of community love he’s been garnering
        • DEVELOPER COMMENTI mean, he is still the goodest boi.
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