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Remnant From the Ashes Next DLC Release

Remnant From the Ashes Next DLC Release

Remnant From the Ashes Next DLC Release

While Remnant In the Ashes players may still be enjoying the hottest content fall to get the sport named Swamps of Corsus, Gunfire Games is not stopping there since the Remnant In the Ashes following DLC launch date has only been announced!

Have a look at the trailer for this below.

Survivors will last the struggle for humankind and put a stop to the dreaded Imperial, the wicked force plaguing Earth, in Remnant: From the Ashes — Theme 2923. In a brand-new effort style, players will find the roots of this Dreamer Program and its link to the Root. After the conclusion of the Dreamer, the roads have grown simpler, and much more individuals are braving town. Hope has been revived, but Earth isn’t rid of this Root only yet. As gamers seek out the positioning of their rest of the , they will meet sudden allies, traverse unknown zones and measurements and conquer new dangers to put a stop to this evil attack, once and for all. This exciting new adventure will span across the rocky wilderness of Earth and outside, where gamers will undergo new quests to completenew equipment to acquire, together with new enemies and bosses to conquer.


Below is a comprehensive list of attributes for Subject 2923:

  • New Campaign Mode: Subject 2923: gamers will find the roots of’The Dreamers’ and how they relate into the dreaded Root within this new effort — continuing the narrative of Remnant: In the Ashes with a trip to Ward Prime, and many new places.
  • New Zones, Bosses, and Quests: By rural lands as well as an abandoned army base on destroyed Earth, into the frosty and unforgiving peaks of this mountainous world Reisum, gamers can take on extreme fresh challenges as they continue their struggle for survival.
  • Superior Firepower: gamers will outfit their personality so as to survive in these hazardous new adventures, choosing from a multitude of new weapons and alterations, new armor sets and skins, and new trinkets.
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