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Report: Call of Duty Warzone 200-Player Mod

Report: Call of Duty Warzone 200-Player Mod

Report Call of Duty Warzone 200 Player Mod

Together with Infinity Ward launch Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 4 final week, a brand new map has been introduced together with new makeup and much more. Even though a Call of Duty Warzone 200-player mode was not a part of this roster out, it appears it is coming into the free-to-play battle royale style shortly.

Upon launching the Modern Warfare multiplayer free weekend via Call of Duty Warzone, gamers will probably be greeted with the following display:


If that is true, Activision or Infinity Ward has inadvertently confirmed a 200-player style for Call of Duty Warzone. To further add authenticity to this menu list and the way that it is not a mistake from Infinity Ward’s role, BR Juggernaut has been cited from the Modern Warfare Season 4 roadmap.

Odds are, this is expected to be a surprise playlist upgrade from Infinity Ward, and I believe one which needs to be regarded as a welcome inclusion by the neighborhood.

Once we understand more about this, we will let our readers know.

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