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Resident Evil Resistance Patch Notes Update 1.10

Resident Evil Resistance Patch Notes Update 1.10

Resident Evil Resistance Patch Notes Update 1.10

We’ve got the entire patch notes October 8.

New attributes:


  • ・Additional 5 new weapon skins.
  • ・Additional 35 new Survivor skins.
  • ・Additional 10 new Survivor gestures.
  • ・Additional 30 new sprays.
  • ・Additional 10 new monster skins.
  • ・Additional 4 new zombie expressions.

Survivor Weapons

  • ・The brand new KASHIMA weapon could now be bought from the Armory in most regions.
  • ・The brand new RAI-DEN weapon could now be bought from the Armory in regions 3 and 2.


  • ・A brand new monster, the Ne-α, was inserted. It may be spawned with the newest Ne-α card.

Ability Cards

  • ・Additional the Decoy ability card.Places a benign trap to deceive Survivors.
  • ・Additional the Flashbang Mine ability card.Places a snare which emits a blinding flash when triggered.
  • ・Additional the Enhancer — Invincible ability card.Equips a launcher that fires darts that give monsters temporary invincibility.
  • ・Additional the Reclamation Anchor ability card.Deploys a device which endeavors energy tethers to neighboring creatures, recharging Bio Energy whenever they’re murdered. Lasts until handicapped.
  • ・Additional the Energy Leech Rifle ability card.Equips a rifle which deals a small amount of harm and recharges Bio Energy.
  • ・Additional the Remote Regen Mod ability card.While in hand, restores a small amount of health to animals when they’re controlled.
  • ・Additional the Eliminate Limiter ability card.Immediately reduction Ultimate Skill cooldown with a particular level.
  • ・Additional the Ne-α ability card.Spawns a Ne-α that’s a car targeting ranged attack. (controllable)
  • ・Additional the Ne-α — Infectious skill card.Spawns that a Ne-α that’s a car targeting ranged attack and sparks infectious gas.
  • ・Additional the Supply Zombie ability card.Spawns a Provide Zombie that is instantly marked on the Survivors’ map. (controllable)
  • ・Additional the Deception ability card.Makes all cameras seem like they’re now being used from the Mastermind.
  • ・Additional the Umbrella Reserves ability card.When utilized, this particular card transforms into a random strong card.

System Changes

  • ・Improved the Gear Point limitation for many personalities (20→25)
  • ・Adjusted positions where extra ability cards have been unlocked such that skill cards have been accessed by position 20.



  • ・Added the brand new Licker — Regen Aura place 3 exclusive card for Annette.Spawns a Licker using a regeneration setting that shares its own enthusiast effects.



  • ・Added the brand new Synchronize Mod place 2 exclusive card for Daniel.While in handup to 4 animals in opinion will move in sync with all the monster being manipulated.
  • ・Added the brand new Remote Shell place 3 exclusive card for Daniel.Spawns a zombie with creature buff consequences and considerably increased attack power and wellness. Doesn’t behave unless controlled. Cannot be murdered while inactive.
  • ・The Unnatural Selection ability variant now also raises damage dealt with the Ne-α’s Tentacle Spear.


Damage dealt scales with Illness Rate, but won’t conquer Survivors.


  • ・Added the brand new Omniscience place 2 exclusive card for Spencer.When utilized, this particular card transforms to some random Exclusive Card which belongs to a different Mastermind.
  • ・Added the brand new Reroute place 3 exclusive card for Spencer.Switches from the busy Bio Core. The expense of the card decreases as fewer Bio Cores stay.


  • ・Added the brand new Automobile Shield Mod place 2 exclusive card for Nicholai.While in hand, recently equipped on-camera weapons will obtain an electromagnetic shield for a specified duration.
  • ・Added the newest Tactical Shields place 3 exclusive card to get Nicholai.All cameras get an electromagnetic shield.
  • ・The Watchdog skill version currently includes the Ne-α among the animals it can blatantly deploy.

Adjustments and Fixing:



  • ・Resolved a problem where the Tyrant would eventually become unresponsive if assaulted while doing certain actions.


  • ・Improved the speed where cards’ Bio Energy cost declines when utilizing Bioactivation’s”Paracelsus Generator” ability version.


  • ・Adjusted the likelihood where various animals are randomly spawned when utilizing Firearms Specialist’s”Watchdog” ability version.
  • ・Decreased the damage initiated by the Nemesis’s Exterminate capability when utilizing Bioweapon: Nemesis’s”Extermination” ability version.


  • ・Improved the ammo consumed per reloaded shot to its W-870.

System Changes

  • ・Resolved a problem where it wasn’t possible to disarm traps positioned on slopes and multi-leveled surfaces.
  • ・Other minor modifications and alterations.
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