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Rocket League for PS4, Xbox One and PC Patch Notes Update 1.81

Rocket League for PS4 Xbox One and PC Patch Notes Update 1.81

Rocket League for PS4 Xbox One and PC Patch Notes Update 1.81

Psyonix has launched a brand new Rocket League Update now, we’ve got the entire changelog for this upgrade v1.79 on September 15th.

Rocket League Update 1.81 is currently available for downloading on all platforms. The upgrade includes new features, fresh content, bug fixes and far more.

Nintendo Switch Online is no longer needed to play with Rocket League online

Check out All the Menu and UI changes!


  • Added a brand new Vehicle Preset according to the Merc automobile
    • Now you Can join each platform you play with Rocket League to one Epic Games Account to discuss progress, stock, Rocket Walk advancement, Competitive Rank, and much more everywhere you play with
    • For development information, you may pick a main Platform to advance everywhere. If you are Level 1000 and Champion II on PC, and Amount 500 and Diamond III in your console, you will want to Select your own PC profile because your Main
    • We strongly recommend you join every account you perform in Precisely the Same time so you can make an Educated decision when selecting your Principal Platform
    • To Learn More, please see our blog article on Cross-Platform Progression
    • Players who joined their present Rocket League platforms into a Epic Games Account may also get the’Chopper EG’ Wheels
    • Epic Friends have substituted RocketID as the alternative for cross-platform buddies in Rocket League
    • Your RocketID buddies will be automatically converted to Epic Friends in your initial login.
    • The In-Game Friends List has been upgraded to show both your system buddies along with your Epic Friends in 1 panel for easier access
    • If you played with Rocket League prior to the free to perform upgrade was published, you’ve got Legacy standing
    • Legacy status comprises special loyalty reward things, such as a Boost, Wheel, Banner, and also a Particular Title which commemorates the year your account was made:
      • ‘Faded Cosmos’ Boost (restricted to accounts created before July 21)
      • ‘Est. 20XX’ Name

        Legacy status holders also get particular”Legacy” quality variations of each Frequent thing available ahead of the free to perform changeover, in Addition to accessibility to all or any non-licensed DLC items

      • Trading with another participant today needs a connected Epic Games Account
      • Trading with a different player now needs both account to get bought 500 Credits or equal (Esports Tokens, Starter Package, etc.) to discourage fraud.
        • Players with Legacy standing are exempt from the condition

          Players new to Rocket League with this upgrade will see a brand new interactive intro cinematic, in Addition to special advice when surfing the in-game menus

New players Will Have to achieve Level 10 until they could matchmake in Competitive Playlists

NOTE: The brand new Tournaments system will soon be live with this launch, but just a small number of evaluation taker will be scheduled until we transition Rocket League to free to perform with.

  • The Tournaments system has been redesigned and now provides automatic Competitive Tournaments at fixed times Every Day, per area
  • While you can still sign up using a Complete celebration, Competitive Tournament matchmaking will Try to locate you a staff if you can not join with a Complete group
  • Mixed-Rank parties will be placed in a Tournament Depending on the Rank of this highest-skill participant
  • Playing at your ability — even in the event that you lose! — is more effective than winning in a lesser Rank
  • Teams knocked out of the championship at the first round may Have the Ability to re-join through a’late joiner’ around
  • Leaving a Tournament early can result in temporary matchmaking and Tournament bans in your accounts
  • If Your Whole group forfeits, no bans will be issued
  • Earn rewards within the course of every season by beating opponents of similar ability
  • You will earn Tournament Credits according to your final positioning in Every Tournament Together with the problem of the Total bracket you had been seeded into
  • The Tournament Credit reward is the Exact Same for all teammates
  • Tournament Credits can be redeemed for Cups which will give you a customization thing of escalating quality
  • The higher degree the Cup, the More Frequently you will unlock a piece of greater rarity
  • All Tournament items may have particular features like Painted or Accredited
  • These prizes could be traded in within their own series, All of the way around Black Market
  • You can play as many tournaments as you need each week, however a lot of your revenue will come in the Top 3 Weekly Placements, which flashed in the end of every week on Sunday
  • Winning a Tournament provides you with a Title which shows the Rank of this Tournament you won.
  • Winning three equally graded tournaments during a year will give you a coloured Title at the Rank.
  • Knocked from the Tournament you are hosting? You will Have the Ability to spectate the rest matches
  • The Main Menu has been streamlined to Decrease the Amount of buttons along with better arrange features
  • Perform Submenu: Modes are grouped into cards Rather than tabs
  • Choosing a Playlist will immediately search that playlist
  • For gamers that prefer to seek multiple playlists simultaneously, it is possible to enable”Multiple Choice” in any of those Playlist groups. This setting is saved you will not need to toggle it whenever you hunt.
  • Now you Can instantly jump into Free Play or the Toilet after hunting
  • Coaching is now available right from the Play menu
  • Exhibition, Season Mode, and Personal Match have been united to the”Custom Games” card
  • The Profile Submenu today comprises:
  • Replays
  • Create or Handle Club
  • The Extras Submenu is currently found under Alternatives — Extras
  • The Look of the Primary Menu and a few submenus have been upgraded with new font and button/card layouts
  • Many things previously classified as Shared are Uncommon or high, and must be obtained via Drops by fresh players
  • Frequent things are no more unlocked in massive batches each slot by playing games. Any participant with Legacy standing that hadn’t unlocked All These items will get residual things in”Legacy” caliber
  • Unusual, Unusual, and incredibly Rare Items no more fall randomly after games
  • These will be replaced with a brand new Drops system coming free of charge to perform

    Some cross-promotional items are permanently marked as”Legacy” and may no more be obtained by fresh accounts

  • Some elderly’V1′ Engine Audio choices can no longer be obtained by fresh accounts
  • Now you Can support your favorite content creators by simply employing a Creator Code for your own account from the Item Shop display
  • Your preferred founder will Be Given a portion of your Credits spent while the code is active on your accounts
  • “Legacy” can be utilized for all Current accounts, and utilizes the Very Same controls because our 2015 Launch
  • You can change to”Default” or”Legacy” without sacrificing your”Custom” bindings
  • Voice Chat is disabled by default


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