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Patch notes

Rogue Company Patch Notes Update 1.29

Rogue Company Patch Notes Update 1.29

Rogue Company Patch Notes Update 1.29

Below you will find all the details concerning this particular patch on September 2nd.

About the PS4 you need to download and set up 4 GB. The size of this download may fluctuate based upon the stage.

By popular demand, Deadzone adjustments for controls can now be produced from the settings menu!


  • Favelas has returned an accessible map!
  • The PlayStation 4 and XboxOne mouse and keyboard continues to be disabled for now till we can offer a fully functional mouse and keyboard feature.
  • Players are now able to acknowledge/confirm teammates pings by pinging together with present friendly pings.
  • Players are now able to ping enemy deployables & gadgets, this can show them to your complete group and set an in world threat ping.
  • When arming a camo or emote, Now You Can Pick an Choice to equip to each of Rogues
  • Your weapon crosshair will change to some friendly colour when placed within an teammate



r/RogueCompany - New Update: Retail Therapy

r/RogueCompany - New Update: Retail Therapy


numerous choices to personalize your Rogue, wingsuit, weapon, or even emote. New things will become available each week so make sure you stop by often. This is just a taste of what you will see!

There are occasions in which the conflict is a bit one sided if it be your own group is getting a bad game, or somebody has thrown and is not coming back. Together with the Retail Therapy upgrade, your staff will finally have the choice to supply a surrender instead of completing your present Match.

To Be Able to call for Surrender, among the following should be true:

  • A participant has disconnected for 3 minutes of game time in which stage the affected team will call for a surrender
  • 10 minutes of complete game time has elapsed at which stage either group will call for a surrender

To be able to initiate a vote to concede, a participant opens the Menu and then chooses Surrender.

Team members will possess 30 minutes to throw their vote free of vote considered no. If the vote fails, then the staff must wait two minutes before asking another vote.



  • Time for the bomb to burst has been decreased from 55s to 50s.
  • Players will no more swap sides on around 5.

    Barbed Wire throw space has been improved by 15 percent

  • Barbed Wire no more impairs members of your group and will have a blue highlight to indicate it is”friendly”


    • When ADS with a scoped weapon (doesn’t influence non-scoped weapons), the borders of the display will be slightly fuzzy.


    • Fixed a problem where recoil has been implemented over a longer period than planned.


    • Fixed a problem where the Level 3 Update of this MX-R wasn’t getting a recoil reduction.


    • Fixed a problem where the Level 1 and Level 3 update for your D3D-i had distinct Kickback recovery flaws.

      Fixed a problem where holding down the Tab key to start the scoreboard will prevent it from opening

    • Ronin Ballistic Knife shouldn’t more deal double damage upon proximity detonation
    • Adjusted Chaac so he could no more firing his weapon ahead of his’Stim Pack’ capability finishes
    • Fixed a problem where downed players Couldn’t use ping
    • Rogue Abilities should currently recharge Shooting Range after 20 minutes
    • Reduced the hitbox size of this tacky sensor to an Proper size of this gadget
    • Dima is no more observable in 2 places at once from the Tutorial
    • Fixed an important”shortcut” from the Tutorial
    • The bomb from demolition can now be implanted on top of items in the bomb Website
    • Fixed a place near the volcano in Skyfell players were not meant to get
    • Gadgets Can’t get stuck at the Favelas garage walls
    • Fixed a place High Castle close site B to stop gamers from getting it
    • Players Can’t get trapped in or conceal in Cliffs on High Castle
    • Fixed a bug allowing gamers to create melee attacks significantly quicker than they ought to by changing weapons.
    • Players shouldn’t get stuck at the societal menu and also be Not Able to shut it
    • Players may no longer maintain Extra rounds obtained from buying Shredder Rounds whenever they utilize buyback
    • Fixed a problem where players can spam fast melee and create strikes much quicker than intended
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