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Patch notes

Rogue Company Vice Patch Notes Update 1.27

Rogue Company Vice Patch Notes Update 1.27

Rogue Company Vice Patch Notes Update 1.27

Rogue Company Vice Patch Notes Update 1.27

Below you can find the complete Patch Notes for this particular upgrade on August 17

The size of this download is 2.8 GB, depending upon the stage. Now’s Vice Update contains numerous improvements and bug fixes

No problem! Gamers now have the option to utilize the Undo Buy attribute in the Item Shop!

  • New Gyro control alternatives are now accessible
  • New KBM Keybinding service for Left handed gamers are seen in the settings menu

New visual choices are available to give aid for Colorblindness.

Try many weapons, skills and rogues to prepare to your next assignment.



  • Bleedout Rate rose from 9 minutes to 12 minutes.
  • Significantly reduced the radius where enemies affect spawns.
  • Significantly improved the radius in which friendlies influence spawns.

To be able to offer a more reasonable experience for gamers, Vice Update will implement a new system to dissuade leaving games going AFK. Please note certain penalties can change based on feedback and data.

To Qualify for a deserter punishment a participant should fall within one of the following classes:

  • Left Match Early — A participant who leaves a complete celebration (not through disconnection)
  • AFK — A participant who has fulfilled with inactivity criteria (has not obtained a legitimate action) for around two minutes.

Upon meeting these standards a participant will be not able to queue to get a game for a time period dependent on the amount of crimes. Players will see a timer denoting how long till they can queue .


This map includes fresh visual attributes and is offered in Practice Extraction, Strikeout and Demolition.


  • Adjusted spawn places for Strikeout Mode.
  • Adjusted spawn places for Strikeout Mode
  • Re-propped the very top of the staircase.



Removed the shelving components in the garage.


  • Fixed a problem where Anvil’s barricade would predominate in Demolition.


  • Goal Finder capability now has another icon.


  • Today has Cloaked rather than Evade.


  • Reduced ability length from 15s into 10s.


  • Improved the maximum health benefit each tick from Leeching Poison from 1 to 2.


  • Radius climbed from 7m to 8m.

Semtex Grenade

  • Level 1 Upgrade: Increased throw rate and raise stuck harm to 250.

Smoke Grenade

  • Improved the rate where smoke seems.


  • The amount 3 update on Anvil’s LMG which tightens your disperse now has softly reduced efficacy.
  • The Striker 8X10’s harm collapse of scope has been slightly improved.


  • C4 a player tries to detonate mid-air will currently detonate when it’s landed.
  • Dropped weapons must now exhibit select up text.
  • The”No legitimate game style” should no longer be shown when logging into.
  • Players should no longer obtain a Party Size Limit mistake for sport modes.
  • Player titles shouldn’t look as numbers.
  • Fixed a problem with the Versus screen that could lead to a lousy game.
  • Players should no more occasionally appear at a downed country but still have the ability to move/shoot.
  • Phantom cannot get in a country where she could throw several nano grenades.
  • Players shouldn’t get multiple buddy requests when queues are altered.
  • Fixed a region of Canals where gamers can utilize Anvil’s barricade to achieve unintended locations.
  • Sprays used close to a participant should no longer adhere to them.
  • Shift players shouldn’t crash after departing the Chimera


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