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SCUM Bunker Locations Map and Loot Map

SCUM Bunker Locations: Map and Loot Map

SCUM Bunker Locations Map and Loot Map

Where do you find that the bunkers in SCUM? Can there be a map somewhere where the places of this bunkers in SCUM are located? The survival game  appreciates a amazing offer of popularity just in a week after the release and provides so much to survival users. In the game there are some bunkers offering very good loot, at least in the current version.

Initially you usually encounter the bunkers rather randomly, so the question arises more often, at which positions can bunkers be found in SCUM and is there a map with the exact locations?

SCUM — Locate bunkers


On Reddit a ribbon with a loot map has lately appeared, which we could only recommend to some SCUM player. The bunkers are often defended by two’Mechs and there are frequently a lot of zombies waiting inside them. In most cases, you are able to easily get beyond the’Mechs and go in search of loot in the bunker.

Incidentally, not merely the bunkers at SCUM are indicated on the map, but also other good spots to loot, that is quite useful as a newcomer in the survival game as a guide. The map is sadly not yet interactive (as one or another may know of another survival games), but the loot map is at a really high resolution, so you can observe the individual location and locations really well and find in the sport can.

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