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SCUM Update Patch Notes

SCUM Update Patch Notes

SCUM Update Patch Notes

SCUM has obtained a fresh upgrade on Steam, on August 21, Patch premiered. We’ve got the whole patch notes.

SCUM Patch Note in the August 20


A blowback-operated, magazine fed, .45 quality, higher fire rate attractiveness. Now on SCUM island.

New versions of this MP5 have came. Presenting the MP5SD the hushed brother, as well as the MP5k the Brief brother. SD version has an already incorporated suppressor inside, for all those additional operative players. Though the MP5K is rather smaller which makes it an fantastic backpack-backup alternative.

  • Fixed the bug where it was possible to construct base construction elements in illegal areas.
  • Fixed the bug where scissors weren’t repairable using a toolbox.
  • Fixed the bug in which the burst fire style icon wasn’t showing correctly.
  • Fixed the bug where you’d occasionally glitch out in plain water when overly thick.
  • Fixed the bug where occasionally sound of heavy fire could come in sentries, though sentries weren’t shooting.
  • Fixed the bug where occasionally the game would crash when taking drugs.
  • Fixed the test ammo bug that happened on several weapons.
  • Fixed the bug where RPK would constantly reveal drum magazine attached when likely.
  • Adjusted a mine activation radius.
  • Now you can fix automatic weapons with fundamental engineering ability.
  • Replaced the bomb cap with a pan for a necessity to craft improvised jar mine.
  • Sentries no more implement comatose offenders.
  • Added a new config which allows to place respawn cost multipliers in accordance with quite a few squadmembers (online squadmembers).
  • Added a new config which lets enabling/disabling base construction on the machine.
  • Added a new config which allows limiting the amount of group members in squads.
  • Added a new config which lets enabling/disabling coma feature.

We also have included a new config which enables server owners to restrict what portion of this map is really playable.

You are able to use it by visiting the new folder [SCUM.WorldSettings].

There you may see those parameters:

Customized map occupied enables/disables this attribute.
Customized map centre X/Y sets the center (co-ordinates) of this new working zone, even whereas Width/Height sets how large the new zone will probably be (in km ).


There’s also a new control #ReloadCustomMapConfig which allows you flip the customized map on/off and how big it, without the necessity of restarting the host. Be certain that you wait at least 30sec so that the server upgrades the new atmosphere before entering the command.

Time for another form of personal server shotouts!

_A newly launched vanilla-esq server with busy Admins and no tolerance for cheaters. Our intent is to supply a official just like server with respect to server configurations but using a busy admin group.

Admin logs are automatically submitted to Discord.

  • 64 automobiles, tons of zombies.
  • Construct anywhere subject to nominal rules (submitted in our Discord).
  • Frequent events, treasure hunts, pvp occasions, etc..
  • Admin run marketplace system, which makes use of in sport”cash” and participant BCUs as money.
  • No in sport bot shop.
  • Friendly Discord neighborhood that are pleased to assist new players with guidance to begin. _


Our host started 6 months ago, as a location to get a bunch of friends to play with the sport we love. We had no intention of developing it to what it is now, for that we’ve got our staff and our neighborhood to thank.
Ours is not a simple server, it is hard to live out there with lesser loot, more puppets etc, but it’s a fun server. We’ve designed and assembled it about Fair PvP, this includes our distinctive raiding system, ” The Purge!
Our host also offers nearly daily events plus a substantial one each Saturday, thanks to veda along with the remaining events group.
We’ve got a discord community, this can be an significant part our community and can be very active thanks to W1lly.
In addition we have two groups of Marshals, this means that our server has service virtually around the clock to accommodate to many time zones.
The machine is installed in such a manner that it follows the growth of the match closely, we do not use robots, so whatever is done by hand, we’ve got an Trader, a working market with offenders, a Justice System, Marshal Law and much more, all assembled from our community that generated a pure society inside the sport, as we believe the lore of the sport clarifies. This is not an RP server, but we’ve got a good deal of RP gamers that can play this way inside.
We’ll continue to adhere to the evolution and keep our players from the loop, Boggy founded the host, but he says”it had been enhanced by noodle.”


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