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“Search SHIELD chests inside Quinjets” locations

Search SHIELD chests inside Quinjets locations

Search SHIELD chests inside Quinjets locations

The Fortnite Season 4 Week two struggles are all live, meaning we can advance our Fight Pass amounts and unlock the newest design for Jennifer Walters and She-Hulk! In case you haven’t finished the Jennifer Walters Awakening challenges, then it is possible to have a look at our entire manual here.

The weekly struggles are comparatively simple, this week, with just some of those requiring a manual. We must see Steel Bridges, for example, but longtime Chapter two gamers are no strangers to this particular challenge. We have done it three occasions this chapter. 1 question which may call for a little more of an excuse would be”Search SHIELD chests within Quinjets.”

A brand new mechanic which Epic added to Season 4 has been the Quinjet landing websites. The boats land in four places each game. Even though they do not appear to be entirely randomized spawn places — they remain the exact same for a single day or two — that the boats replicate every now and then. You will have the ability to identify them from the white mark on your map.


The boats have a tendency to spawn in each area on the map, however, they do not land straight away. You should hang on the bus or at the atmosphere when waiting to see where they wind up. Following that, all you want to do is float and catch a SHIELD chest.

This task may sound somewhat simpler than it really is. You will find Stark Tech robots patrolling these regions, and they do not care if you have not obtained a gun, nevertheless. You are able to rush to those chests and receive a weapon or pickaxe that a bot — but be cautious.

You have to catch seven of those chests to finish the challenge, and that’s why Epic urge you do so using a team.

However — unless you stop by all the Quinjet places in 1 game and none of these have been struck — this will require a few matches to complete. Hopefully, it is going to be somewhat quicker with this manual. Fantastic luck!


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