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Patch notes

Shadowlands Pre-Patch

Shadowlands Pre-Patch

Shadowlands Pre-Patch is arriving shortly, and there heaps of modifications and upgrades which are going to be implemented until the complete expansion arrives. Here is everything you want to learn concerning the Shadowlands pre-patch.

Shadowlands Pre-Patch: Everything You Need to Know

Shadowlands Pre-Patch: Everything You Want to Know

Corruption skills will be wholly eliminated. They were able to tie this in with the narrative, as if N’Zoth expires his character is cleansed from Azeroth. In a meeting with PandaTV, manager Ion Hazzikostas confessed that the game is presently in a broken country on account of the corruption abilities.


“We can preserve a heritage grayed out tooltip about the equipment, but it is a mixture of transferring the story line ahead and honestly the game is fairly broken right now – we all understand the game is fairly broken right now – a part of why that has been fine is that we know that it’s for a brief time period; there is no way to actually deal with somebody who has, you know, 100% crit rate and all that stuff entering fresh content. Enjoy the season, but post squish we are likely to return to some normalized space”

Besides the elimination of corruption, some mounts will be taken off.

The largest change for your pre-patch is that the level squish. The brand new leveling system will squish down your characters from 120 to 50. Shadowlands will have yet another 10 levels to research, and also the squish is supposed to make leveling quicker, more purposeful and more accessible to new players.

There’s still the 100 percent XP increase bonus which will run before the pre-patch. It appears that Shadowlands was postponed as a result of pandemic challenges. That dual XP was intended to depart in April, but you will have the ability to make the most of it all of the way before the pre-patch.

Shadowlands is now in beta.

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