Sky: Children Of The Light Patch Notes Bring Issues Fixes And Latest Bonus Events

Sky Children Of The Light Patch Notes Bring Issues Fixes And Latest Bonus Events

Sky Children Of The Light Patch Notes Bring Issues Fixes And Latest Bonus Events

Thatgamecompany’s multiplayer mobile game Sky: Children of the Light is nearing the conclusion of its current season, with just under 2 weeks staying. The penultimate event from the Season of Enchantment was postponed until June 11 to provide the team time to resolve lots of bugs found in the previous variant of this game. Those repairs have been published –combined with a range of bonuses to anticipate at the next month.

The sixth and final playoff Ark pursuit is going to be published on June 11, allowing players to finish the season and watch that the end cutscene–a departure from prior seasons where gamers would need to unlock all of seasonal makeup to fill out the narrative.

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  • PS5 occasion Receives a Brand New Date A brand new”Days of Rainbow” occasion will run from June 10 to June 14, in which rainbows will look in lands as part of daily quests, in addition to boasting an excess candle bunch in the rainbow’s ending. Gamers in the game’s beta version possess previewed exactly what this new occasion will appear to be.

    For gamers that are fighting to finish the seasonal makeup prior to the year’s ending, a bonus occasion will give double seasonal candles from June 15 into the year’s last day on June 21. These can appear as additional candle piles in the daily pursuit kingdom.


    Subsequent to the conclusion of the year, bonuses will last in the kind of double treasure candles, the massive candle piles indicated by red candles in the house area, while stirring Spirits will appear weekly between seasons.

    A range of bug fixes have become reside in the new upgrade. Here is the Complete listing in the patch notes:

    • Fixed difficulty affecting screenshots on iOS and Android
    • Fixed touch-input issues affecting dpad, shout, stepping, and camera controller
    • Fixed floating candles in Forgotten Ark
    • Improvements to spell icons for visual clarity
    • Fixed three candles in Hidden Forest which weren’t devoting light
    • Fixed issue where inaccessible button shade Wasn’t properly greyed out
    • Fixed difficulty affecting running cartoons and stepping mode on left of display within two-handed mode
    • Fixed animation issue if a participant takes their candle out or picks up a crab in certain stances
    • Optimizations for blur representation
    • Fixed issue in which just the offset button seemed on the confirmation menu when deleting objects out of Nature’s friendship trees
    • Fixed issue where material candles Weren’t properly displaying for additional players



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