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Snowrunner Patch Notes Update 1.08

Snowrunner Patch Notes Update 1.08

Snowrunner Patch Notes Update 1.08

Focus Home Interactive and Saber Interactive published a new upgrade for Snowrunner today.

Today’s upgrade implements fresh content for Season 1: Search & Recover, and in addition, there are bug fixes and optimizations.

  • [DLC] New map: Lake Kovd
  • [DLC] Players can access and utilize the Prototype Exploration Unit addon to research this particular map
  • [DLC] Players may Discover new trucks with this particular map
    • TUZ 16″Actaeon”
    • Ford 750 4×4
  • [DLC] New skin can be obtained for your Tayga 6436
  • Additional new Principal menu background and audio motif
  • Quantity of fixes for accomplishments that some players didn’t get when fulfilling their demands
  • Additional option to disable beacon lights through the purposes menu
  • Fixed a bug when a participant traveled by a gateway Whilst utilizing the winch attached to a empty truck, the empty truck Wasn’t usable anymore
  • Fixed a bug when updates Weren’t found with watchtowers over the Rift map
  • Fixed the Kolob 74941 paint plot
  • Fixed Derry Longhorn 3194 paint plot to operate with bumpers
  • Improved harm crash box for Kolob 74760
  • Fixed a bug when in co-op vehicle’s gearbox blatantly failed to change into another equipment
  • Upgraded freight icons
  • Available freight is now exhibited in a map pop-up
  • Fixed missing gas channel icon to the Rift map
  • Supported choice to conceal crane controls UI
  • Added an Choice to select steering kind Based on main input device: gamepad or steering wheel
  • Additional alpha version of this Game Editor which players can use to make new vehicles and maps
    • Players can upload maps into mod.io and utilize them in custom situations menu
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