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Patch notes

Star Traders Frontiers Deathward Patch Notes Update 3.0.93

Star Traders Frontiers Deathward Patch Notes Update 3.0.93

Star Traders Frontiers Deathward Patch Notes Update 3.0.93

We’ll have all the information regarding this patch on August 22nd.

The Star Traders Frontiers Update 3.0.93 is currently available for downloading for many platforms. With this upgrade you will find fresh Relics, Level 5 Specialist Gear and far more.

Update #224 presents 4 new high level parts of equipment which could be discovered in Salvage and Explorer. While the newest Bladeguide Aegis is battle concentrated, another 3 kinds of equipment are large Characteristic boosters for Trainers utilizing assembles that need high Characteristics, for example Charisma. These may create equipment more attractive to non-combat officers in addition to their combating brethren.

Additionally, we have opened for the very first time the capability for Contact’s using the Specialist Gear support to market level 5 equipment. The very first part of equipment up available is that the strong Bexian Deathward which significantly increases Resilience (+10!!) Which makes it an intriguing piece to take into account in the combination. More amount 5 equipment will be coming on line shortly after this initial toe-dip.

Because of everybody in the community continued to post opinions on the new component categories and their inner equilibrium. We are going to be continuing to enhance the equilibrium with the objective of increasing up more components to the degree where they match a very clear and highly effective purpose within assembles. With Update #224, we have put a goal on ECCM Screen to make sure they have a location inside the meta. We have both considerably increased their Escape bonuses but additional significant Craft Evasion bonuses which may help ensure they could offer much better protection for boats such as Smugglers and Spies that are constructed to disengage and flee battle.


To get Reactor Spike Modules, we needed to make a cost increase into the initial level (+$7K) and decreased the gas stored inside that module to 5. Fine tuning another fantastic component that’s now feasible for various kinds of builds. As a part of the modification, we updated the 8000 Mass Broadsword Class to work with a RSM 2 rather than an RSM 1.

Hopefully for a little while, we have finished the previous pair of tweaks to class shopping according to all of the feedback we are hearing from inside the community.

  • Should you apply the”Sort Match” filter and there’s just 1 category which matches, and then this class is automatically enlarged to prevent double clicks.
  • We fixed both A-Z and Z-A alphabetical sorting whenever you’re browsing classes.
  • We mended the remaining replica of little slot Volume Reducers when considering classifications
  • We fixed a problem with faction filtering inducing some groups to evaporate if the first thing in the group had been faction locked even though others weren’t


  • 8/22/2020
  • New Rare Relic Gear: Bladeguide Aegis, Slindo Trade Slate, Perk Balm, Allistar Edgeweave (Attribute Boosters for Talent Officer Builds)
  • New degree 5 Specialist Gear offered by Contacts: Bexian Deathward (Resilience + Bleed Resistance)
  • Enriched +Escape Bonus on ECCM Screen Matrices and additional +Craft Evade to all degrees
  • Balanced Reactor Spike Module 1 with slight gas reduction, minor cost increase
  • Enriched”Sort Match” filter in part shopping, if There’s only one fitting subtype, the subtype is enlarged automatically
  • Fixed alphabetical sorting when seeing boat parts groups
  • Adjusted boat build for Broadsword Class 8000M to utilize Reactor Spike Module 2 rather than 1
  • Fixed replicate little slot Volume Reducer groups showing up in part Buying
  • Fixed issues with Faction-filtering creating some part categories disappear in part Buying
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