Star Wars Squadrons Update Details Patch 1.02

Star Wars Squadrons Update Details Patch 1.02

Star Wars Squadrons Update Details Patch 1.02

Motive Studios has launched a new upgrade for Star Wars Squadrons. Below you can find the complete, official, patch notes.

The Star Wars: Squadrons Update 1.02 is currently available for downloading, for many platforms. The international version is 1.1, the PS4 customer has the amount 1.02.

  • Fixed a problem where players Couldn’t be properly placed in a position after initial positioning matches
    • players who have not begun their positioning matches will Have the Ability to place normally
    • players who’ve begun their positioning matches will have their remaining games utilize the adjusted system
    • There’ll be no rank resets now


  • Additional options in the menu called”Controller Worldwide Deadzone” and”Flight Stick Global Deadzone” that will Make It Possible for you to alter the deadzone separately for normal controllers and Flight Sticks
  • Adjusted the default curves for Flight Sticks, which should create controllers feel much more responsive


  • Adjusted a few of those visual consequences in VR mode, especially addressing the brightness and blossom when falling bombs out of the Starfighter
  • Fixed a problem where the Fleet Battles Tutorial could eventually become incompletable in the event the participant’s starfighter was ruined in particular points throughout the practice
  • Fixed a problem where V-Sync would occasionally become handicapped upon returning to the main menu
  • Fixed a bug in which the Imperial squadron wasn’t observable in certain cases throughout the opening cinematic for Dogfight manner
  • Fixed a problem that has been causing the 3000 series Nvidia GPUs to default to reduced excellent images settings
  • We have removed a few cases where evolution text has been emerging in the match
  • Fixed a problem ensuring VOIP (voice conversation ) toggles function as planned
  • Fixed a problem on PC where single-player chords can be eliminated after enjoying with other game modes. (NOTE: We’re aware of the problem on console too and also a fix for this will be coming shortly )


  • Improved stability in the Spectator characteristic of Internet PvP manners
  • Other overall stability enhancements and fixes
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