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Suggests we can unlock golden skins after Season 2 ends A

suggests we can unlock golden skins after Season 2 ends

suggests we can unlock golden skins after Season 2 ends

Update: An Epic worker has addressed this subject and explained things. The email had been referencing”progressive” skins, such as Ragnarok.

The topic of gold skins is a hot one from the Fortnite neighborhood — especially Agent Peely.

Fans became frustrated with Epic Games when they heard that they planned to market XP at the Item Shop — a thing which hasn’t come to pass in the time of writing. With only a week left in the summer, it may never occur.


The aim of unlocking the gold Agent Peely have directed fans to wonder whether or not they’ll be able to reach their target after the season finishes. Frequent Fortnite knowledge dictates that we will not be able to, but a support email tweeted by data miner FireMonkey states differently.


FireMonkey tweeted that with the disclaimer,”Remember: Epic Games Support doesn’t just communicate with the rest of the dev team and just because they say something doesn’t mean it’s correct. They’ve been wrong on multiple events.”

This system seems far more like Season 1’s corrupted variant than some of the other past Fight Pass outfits.

We’re saying that there’s a opportunity. It probably still is not likely, but people that are desperate to unlock the gold Agent Peely can keep their fingers crossed.

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