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TerraTech Patch Notes Update 1.4.4

TerraTech Patch Notes Update 1.4.4

TerraTech Patch Notes Update 1.4.4

Payload Studios launched a new upgrade for TerraTech today. Below we will show you all of the new articles and bug fixes on September 21st.

The TerraTech Update 1.4.4 is now ready for downloading, for many PC Steam gamers. Now’s patch adds new content and fixes a couple of bugs.

New Features/Content:
  • New Reticule Research assignment — A Perilous Prototype, at both Campaign and Co-Op.
  • New Reticule Research assignment — Arena Challenge, in both Campaign and Co-Op.
  • Reticule Research Payload Terminal is currently available.
Layout Tweaks:
  • Replaced old defense chargers with fresh variants in Reticule Research missions.
  • Fixed problem with inhabitants techs no longer spawning in Campaign.
  • Fixed participant respawn problem with Arena Challenge at Co-op.
  • Fixed level text up difficulty in Korean.Translations have been upgraded for a Variety of languages:
    Many thanks to this TT Translator group, specifically recent postings from:

    • DrShadox
    • Mr-Vagabond
    • Szymonicus
    • Teraman64DD
    • WispM
    • 光轲
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