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The Argument for putting Mythic utility items in POI vaults

The Argument for putting Mythic utility items in POI vaults

The Argument for putting Mythic utility items in POI vaults

This was the first time that we saw Mythic firearms within their contemporary form — a rework following the older Infinity Blade debacle. The neighborhood had a mixed response to these new attributes, as is true for anything fresh in Fortnite.

The brand new weapons were enjoyable to use, however they were mostly overpowered compared to the remainder of the loot pool. Because of this, some players could catch the Mythic firearms and operate — frequently stealing the vault keycard too. Following a month of playing Season two, some players started to indicate that Epic place the Mythic weapons at the vault. This way, players will be forced to struggle for the loot instead of killing an NPC boss and leaving the region.

Though a good concept, the notion of adding mythic firearms to vaults did not make a lot of sense together with the current state of Fortnite. The managers in those places would not be too hazardous if they just had a vault keycard together. The concept was obviously side-stepping exactly what Epic were attempting to achieve with these brand new POIs.


The newest Mythic weapons were about exactly the same as their counterparts that are mythical. The Drum Gun additionally obtained a significant nerf that place it nearer to the fundamental Drum Gun than that which Midas carried in Season two.

There is no reason to struggle a participant to the vault if you have already taken the very best loot in the game. It’s possible to discover similar vault loot someplace else.

Each boss spawning with just two things makes the proposal of adding you to the vault far more realistic. Bosses want their Mythic firearms, however they do not need to take the utility thing.

It is improbable that Epic will make this change. Vault loot is excellent, but it often is not worth the trouble of choosing a couple of teams once you currently have the very best freedom things in Fortnite.

We are unsure whether this idea is the correct move or should Epic ought to be promoting those vault struggles over they are. Most of us know how fast public lobbies expire out from Fortnite, and also this notion could only increase the issue. We are, only, making the argument for incorporating half of those Mythic things to the vault. It would be a fascinating experiment, at the least.

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